How the SuSu (Sou-Sou) Split Works | Family Sharing Education 

How the SuSu (Sou-Sou) Split Works | Family Sharing

What is a SuSu? Is SuSu good for you? Known as Sou-Sou. Modern Day SouSou. How does the SuSu Split Friends and Family Money Share.

Hello everyone! I decided to make another video explaining how the modern day SuSu (Sou-Sou) Split works. I had several people ask me this on the previous video and it appears to be a highly requested video. Hope this helps someone out. You can always ask questions in the comment section.
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⚠️⚠️⚠️DISCLAIMER: ⚠️⚠️⚠️
I created this video STRICTLY to show how the modern day SuSu (Sou-Sou) works. This took a great length of time on research and creating material for this video. I am not soliciting nor am I encouraging ANYONE to participate in one of these.


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353 thoughts on “How the SuSu (Sou-Sou) Split Works | Family Sharing

  1. http://Magus%20Ten

    Great video Budget Bill. My Mother introduced me to the family and friends gifting community which I’m involved in. It’s basically people you know sharing money with other people they know and so on. However doesn’t work if the majority of the people you know are just making ends meet. We have weekly zoom conference’s for further clarity.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thanks for the support 👊🏽

  2. http://Anthony%20Marshall

    Can someone please help me i will like to know how do you start this susu from the beginning

  3. http://elder

    I am in one but the key is to do it with friends and family that you trust

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Trust is key

  4. http://D'oreal%20Garner

    I am trying to get more information, I’m looking to get in on a flower. I just had one question. In your Example if I’m Isley bros how do I move up weekly if michael j is moving to the water spot at the same time?

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      The Flower splits and starts over and more people come. We have zoom conferences every Wednesday.

    2. http://Lee%20Lee

      Barbara Jackson do you have a template of the flower?

    3. http://Barbara%20Jackson

      Hi D’oreal, have you been invited to a presentation yet? If not hit me up offline @ I know of a really good one.

  5. http://Jarrett%20Virgil

    I heard a very so slight attitude in that Disclaimer!😂😂

    1. http://Jarrett%20Virgil

      @Budget Bill hey man your videos are helpful. And this system does really help people. I’ve benefited and so has my family. Thanks for your work!

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Haha. Perhaps. Can’t please everyone

  6. http://Brandy%20Wilson

    I have one and my group loves it. As do I🥰 come find me on FB if you want to get in!

    MizzBrandy Niico Mapson

  7. http://Bruce%20L.


  8. http://Bruce%20L.

    It literally shows the people at the bottom of the pyramid getting burned!!!!!! Think about others, not just yourself!!! Wake up black people!! Why do yall think these scams run crazy through OUR community?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Obviously you came here because you were invited to join someone else’s. To each its own!

  9. http://Bruce%20L.

    THIS IS A SCAM!!! (The fact that he has to make a legal disclaimer at the beginning of the video should give you some idea) For the people at the top or center of the pyramid you can and probably will make money. THIS SCAM affects the POOR PEOPLE at the bottom of the pyramid. I have friends and family that can produce $500-$1,000 easily, BUT for those individuals that come in below me that may not have that circle will struggle to recruit people and inevitably lose their money (which they don’t have much of). Black people please stop supporting this because it hurts those of us who don’t have much money, friends or family to keep the hustle going.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Lol. Well I never invited anyone. I just made a video to explain how it works. It’s a scam. Walk away from it.

  10. http://SAVIOUR%20KARLO

    I have two questions: Can I quit this whole thing after getting my $4000 in the fourth week and don’t have to make any more monthly contributions? That means I contributed $500 and received $4000 in 4 weeks time and then quit?

    Also, If I decided to reinvest and get back into the fire position again after the water position, do I have to recruit two new people?

    1. http://Lauren%20Matthews

      SAVIOUR KARLO hypothetically yes, but if this is what you’re considering, I wouldn’t suggest to join. The concept is based around community and moving the collective whole forward. To put your gift in, and receive all the gifts without paying it forward to someone else is the exact opposite of the purpose for the flower and is likely the reason why people believe that it’s a pyramid. It is in fact a perpetual circle of paying the gifts forward. A Vietnamese friend of mine has been in one for decades and her mother was an admin. She told me of one person doing what you asked within their circle (not sure if their culture calls it sou sou, but concept is same). The person and their ENTIRE family were basically ostracized from the community they lived in, not just the circle. No one socialized with them, would do any business with any of them for any reason speak to them at all because it was seen as the height of dishonor within their community.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      1st – Yes
      2nd – No

  11. http://Laurie%20Smith

    MY CONCERN: In order for any ONE person to get “Watered” multiple times, creating a residual return of the $4k (based on this example of $500 initial “gifting”), is dependent upon the people BELOW you always successfully recruiting new people to join, into perpetuity. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COME UP WITH A METHOD TO CLOSE EACH “BLOOM”??

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      Once your water once your good.

    2. http://A%20Scott

      I’m following, this is my exact question. I was told you reinvest $500 once you are in the water

  12. http://Mr%20M8ENT

    I enjoyed the video and it does works. If anyone interested you can contact me.

  13. http://I%20AM%20ENOUGH

    2:08 min mark gets to the point

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +I AM ENOUGH what point is that?

  14. http://Michael%20Green

    Budget bill. Please watch this and help me understand why they say this is a scan

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Definition: A guy that scams the elderly out of savings. That’s the initial intent. This Modern Day SuSu is NOT created to scam ppl out of money. However, ppl can take it and scan others out of money. Like all the ppl that place their email address in comments for strangers to join and send them $$. They are attempting to scam ppl. But my homeboy that’s done it for few months & received $10K plus. You can’t tell him it was a scam. YES someone can lose their money. That’s the Risk (not scam).

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Actually. A Scam is created to cheat people up front. However, that is NOT the way people use the word “scam”. Everyone says something is a scam when it doesn’t work. Or would you agree that a “scam” could provide monetary value? Is that accurate statement?

    3. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Budget Bill Bill, that is not what the word “scam” means. Try a dictionary.

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      Example: me and my friend both started Amazon FBA in 2018. I succeeded and he didn’t. He called it a scam after a month of not working. I’m still doing it 3 years later. Is that a scam?

    5. http://Budget%20Bill

      No need to watch. A scam is something that doesn’t work for ppl. If you join and receive your payout, would you call it a scam? NO. However if you join and couldn’t complete the one requirement, lose $$, you WOULD say it’s a scam. Make sense❓

  15. http://Kay%20Joil

    I am in one and trust me it has been nothing less than a wonderful blessing for my entire family during this COVID mess. Currently I’m looking for forward thinking, trustworthy people to enter into my If you are interested, please hit me up. I’m more than willing to explain in further details if you still are on the fence. Happy Gifting😘

    1. http://Anthony%20Marshall

      Can you let me know how your susu started from the beginning

  16. http://Sid%20Jeri

    If your are in the U.S. and participate in this structure which the FBI and the DOJ categorizes as a ponzi schemes and it is a felony charge and 10,000 fine for each person you bring in to this scheme. Just walk away the state and federal courts will give you years in prison like it’s minutes.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Correct your sentence @RealBoxingFan

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Real boxing Fan1 That sentence doesn’t even make sense.

    3. http://Real%20boxing%20Fan1

      Wrong! I been in one for 5 years trotted on taxes even had audit .

  17. http://Sheldon%20Jennings

    Great job bro been doing this since March and it’s going great so far best thing I’ve done getting alot paid for in little time

  18. http://Argie%20Ruff

    Nooo, this is the same a the blessing loom and it’s a scam and against the law. Don’t do it people.

  19. http://Anika%20Fraser

    We have an active Circle/Flower, anyone interested email, We can assist with the two people.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  20. http://Anika%20Fraser

    If anyone interested, I am connected to the LIGWEE family wealth sharing. We have couple spots left,

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  21. http://Shavonia%20Livingston

    How do u begin your own flower? And how many people do u need?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Unlimited ppl. Question is incomplete…

  22. http://Coily%20Curiosity

    I joined one that has been successful for three years now. I’m currently looking for someone that’s interested and ready this week ($500 investment). If you’re interested just let me know. It is legit and works as long as everyone does their part but I do understand the initial hesitation. If you do join one, just make sure you have two people ready to invest as well. That is honestly the hardest/most annoying 🤣 part of the entire thing.

    1. http://Kenneth%20Lurch

      @Tonja Billingsley It looks like he wasn’t kidding about “Bobbi217,” a.k.a. Roberta Lynn Betts. Racketeering is a pretty nasty charge to fight in court.

    2. http://Angie%20C

      yes, it’s so hard to find like minded people to join. Honestly the 500 is not the problem, finding two people is.

    3. http://Tonja%20Billingsley

      Radda Shnitzel i think you are really interested but are trying to finding any way you can to discredit the process. If it’s not for you, fine, but don’t knock the people that it has worked for.

    4. http://Tonja%20Billingsley

      Radda Shnitzel you again🙄

    5. http://Rod%20Crumbley


  23. http://Meet%20The%20Crazy%20Asians

    I’m in one and this thing is amazing! How do you lock the flowers and stop the flower from growing and just continue residual income?

    1. http://Tonja%20Billingsley

      Actually it’s not impossible. The law on gifts is you can receive up to 15k a year from one person. So once you get to 15k for that year either by investing the 200 or 500 you have to stop and restart in the next year.

    2. http://Shakesha%20Barrett

      @Budget Bill Explain…

    3. http://Budget%20Bill


  24. http://David%20Rosser

    If you want to join inbox me

  25. http://Trevor%20Pace

    We have been effectively using our version of the flowers and have been blessing quite a few people and improving their lifestyles… The interesting fact is that only those who fail to operate their Sou Sou’s 💵 correctly call them and report them as Ponzi Schemes

  26. http://Billionaire30%20XYZ

    So, you’re required to only get two people to join correct?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Sounds good!

  27. http://Danyelle%20Moore

    What is the total amount of people it take to make the board flow? Even when the flower split?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Danyelle Moore for everyone to get 2 people.

  28. http://Moya%20G.

    This was amazing well done. If anyone is interested let me know.

    1. http://Barbara%20Jackson

      @YAHKEIM have you been invited to a presentation yet? If not hit me up offline @ I know of a really good one.

    2. http://YAHKEIM

      Yeah I’d like to start how do we hook that up?

    3. http://Moya%20G.

      @Jeremiah handy yes I am

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      Jeremiah handy no I’m not. I know several ppl that are though.

    5. http://Jeremiah%20handy

      Are you already in one?

  29. http://Bridget%20Hall-Payne

    I appreciate how you explain the modern day Sou Sou. What I also need to know is how the residual income happens. Specifically, after you receive your gift from being in the water position where are you placed to began gifting again

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Bridget Hall-Payne Sounds like a topic for a new video. Most common question. 👍🏽
      It’s created from the re-gift after receiving your first gift.

  30. http://Saadia%20king

    So after the person on top gets gifted they are done unless they want to go again and reinvest and bring in 2 people and start at the fire level?

    1. http://YAHKEIM

      Are you into reinvesting

    2. http://Susan%20Perry

      The One Eyed Shaman Ed

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      The One Eyed Shaman I’m already on it. 👍🏽. Subscribe so you can catch it.

    4. http://The%20One%20Eyed%20Shaman

      @Budget Bill so Bill can you make a video explaining how at that point one doesnt have to bring in another two people and how it becomes sustainable? Cause I swear no one I know has been able to explain that part to me with any certainty whatsoever.

    5. http://Budget%20Bill

      don’t have to get 2 ppl at that time.

  31. http://Warnesia%20Gaines

    Is there a way you can send me a blank template of the flower if so my email is

    1. http://Angie%20C

      are you guys part of a group?

    2. http://Angie%20C

      I have a blink one, I can send it for you.

    3. http://Shavonia%20Livingston

      I need this as well

  32. http://Primetime%20Sports

    Question so is 4,000 the max you can make?

  33. http://caster4955

    What happens if you have all 15 in a flower but no fires bring anyone else in? Will it still cycle through to the next payout period?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +caster4955 probably not.

  34. http://Roni%20Richards

    I’m in one with trusted friends and family. It works when the ppl you do it with are professionals and want to save some money and not “cash out”. If you wanna learn about it or possibly join ours inbox me.

    1. http://Jay

      Roni Richards that’s what I wanna do but how can you do that if the board continues to spilt?

    2. http://Roni%20Richards

      YAHKEIM it’s ppl that we know and grew up with, mothers, fathers, friends, neighbors. So opening our group to others is new and we would vet since we dnt want to be screwed over.

    3. http://Roni%20Richards

      Jay If you mean if we re-gift each time yes we do.

    4. http://YAHKEIM

      Hey brother how do ensure that ppl are trust worthy do you require a photo and other things?

    5. http://Jay

      Do you guys reinvest? @Roni Richards

  35. http://Denika%20Seymour

    This is illegal in every state. It falls under the “Pyramid” because no goods or services are being exchanged it is an actual financial crime. I am licensed for financial services in multiple states. It is not an actual SUSU. You can be charged and fined for even participating in this “ modern day SuSu” its a trick of the enemy to get you to join in and open a door to the spirit of poverty. All money isn’t good money. In many cases you will get paid but in many cases others can lose out on their money. It is another tactic of the enemy to put another into bondage even if you yourself aren’t effected, others will inevitably lose out. This chain will break at some point and those left at the bottom will be taken advantage of. Beware. God Bless.🙏🏽

    1. http://Real%20boxing%20Fan1

      @Denika Seymour it comes down to how it’s structure similar to how rich ppl get tax credits and you how some of them pay little to no taxes learn the law and you will be fun. Been in one 3 years had 2 audits never had any issues .

    2. http://Denika%20Seymour

      NCFITNESSPLUS Adrienne Hicks, sure you can, but when it’s organized in such a way as this, no matter who you involved (friends, family) it is of no consequence. The US government sees this as a financial crime. As such, it is punishable by law. Be blessed 🙏🏽

    3. http://NCFITNESSPLUS%20Adrienne%20Hicks

      Soooo you can’t give your family members gifts of money now???

  36. http://Rahma%20Mohamed

    Hi anyone in uk who can help me and advice me how to start with family and friends trustworthy people please many thanks x

  37. http://Rahma%20Mohamed

    I tried to look for help if someone e can lead me as I want to start with family and friends but dont know how I got one flower susu but they said it’s only their community I left it there

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Rahma Mohamed If you are in the UK, beware The Gambling Act 2005 and the clause that defines the offense of “chain gifting.”

    2. http://Rahma%20Mohamed

      @Dorothy Robinson Williams am alway carefull some people are not trust worthy

    3. http://Rahma%20Mohamed

      @Dorothy Robinson Williams let me know and where are you at sis thanks

    4. http://Dorothy%20Robinson%20Williams

      @Rahma I can help you

  38. http://SecularRaygon

    Everything is speculation until you get that money! Just got my payout and invested again! If you’re serious and have 2 people to be your fires and want an invite into the closed group I’m a part of, lets chat 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Well that’s some good news!

  39. http://Wavy%20Tha%20Don

    I have invested in sou sous before and have received great returns. I’ve recently joined another, and see other people making profit. Remember that you must do the work to profit. It’s not free money. If you are interested, hit me up! Reply to this comment, or dm me on insta or twitter @ realwavytd . Same username for both.

    1. http://The%20Sou-Sou%20Lady

      Sent you a DM @thesousoulady

  40. http://LaTasha%20Brown

    I loved your explanation, because I did not understand how that part works. I just joined one today as Fire and I have my two people. Now we have to keep it going so that we can make it to the Water position. When it was explained to me initially, there was not mention of a split. But my cousin didn’t know how to explain it and that’s why it’s best to look at the video for better understanding. I am in and ready to grow our financial wealth, and we can do it if more people were like-minded as we are. But you have to work hard to get the results you want and I would like to get my gift within the next Days! I am all in.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +LaTasha Brown awesome. Also be sure to watch the other video on my channel with full explanation. 👍🏽

  41. http://Dani%20X

    I’m in one if you want to join plz reach out

  42. http://Kina%20ASMR

    Hello there. New friend here. I think I have grasped the concept after watching several times 😆. You explained it very well. One question…when you’re getting started from the beginning, are you automatically in the water position? When you move to fire, that’s when the initiator bring in their two people? Altogether, what I’m trying to understand is when you’re getting started from the beginning do you to have fifteen people in place? I hope I’m not confusing you ☺️. Thanks for sharing 💞

    1. http://Kina%20ASMR

      Budget Bill I watched both videos several times. I think I got it! Thanks 😊

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Hello there. Please watch 1st video on my channel. Thumbnail explains each position.

  43. http://Allison%20Maxwell

    And you definitely did a better job. Thanks. Can you provide a pdf of the org chart? Thanks

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thank you for the nice comments. Don’t have a way to share it with you. #sorry

  44. http://Glynis%20James-Watson

    Why is this better than a traditional sou-sou? This seems more complicated and where there’s complication there is often opportunities for fraud. Could the old adage appliy here, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”?

    1. http://Valerie%20Jackson

      I hear you. But there is nothing wrong with ingenuity and upgraded technology. This certainly is a modification to the traditional. It iis like a Susu 2.O. faster. It is a risk…but so was the traditional, if the treasure skips town with the bank.
      There is no treasurer, no bank.
      The fire positions are the payers of the pot. Which is why they are private, by invitation only. You want to be selective with whom you invite.

  45. http://Betty%20Moreland

    Also I don’t argue with people whom call this a scam! They only call it that because they don’t meet their obligations. If individuals only did what is required the groups would move smoothly. People get in without understanding the FULL concept and that’s on them. I just wish those people would stop downing it to other people because they make people hesitant.

    1. http://Kamesha%20Keesee

      @Betty Moreland Betty Are you currently In the $1,400 SuSu?
      I’d like The info on that one as well…
      Thnk you kindly

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Betty Moreland @Betty. I argue with some ppl (sometimes) becuz it’s entertaining. Just like I follow Mr. Trumpy on Twitter. He at least gives me 2-3 laughs per day. 👉🏽 #entertainment

    3. http://Marcie%20Lynell

      @Betty Moreland is it a private group, or can anyone join?

    4. http://Quelli%20Quell

      Betty Moreland Hey can you send me the information about this one???

    5. http://Rod%20Crumbley

      @Betty Moreland I heard about that one I don’t really want to bounce around I already have a good number of family on this one trying to get everyone through the water and blessed. Thanks for the info. 👍💯🤝💰

  46. http://Betty%20Moreland

    Love how you break down everything. I’m like you, I like the flow chart better because the flower can be confusing to people. Thank you for breaking it down the way you did. Is there a way that I could contact you for more information? Can you show me how the residual works meaning after the payout the person in the water position goes where? Especially if you are the 1st person to be paid out on a new flower.

    1. http://Coily%20Curiosity

      Betty Moreland are you aware that there are four flowers, not one? That’s how it’s able to continue. With each position that you move to, you move to the next flower. For instance….your fire flower is your home flower. Once you move into the air position, you hop to another flower. Once you move to the earth position, you move to the third flower, same as when you get into the water. Once you’re back in the fire position, you’re back at your home flower and the process starts over again.

    2. http://J%20Turner

      Thanks Betty. If you’re the first person to start the flower there’s no one you can pay out $500 to

    3. http://Betty%20Moreland

      @J Turner I would still pay because my monies would still need to go to pay someone even if it’s in reserve to be a backup for someone that needs a person in tough times. Also it is my understanding that it takes more than 15 people to keep it going. Your flower is locked when your 14 ppl are behind you meaning you will be in rotation with those 14 ppl as long as the flower is growing. Hope that helps.

    4. http://J%20Turner

      When you start your own, that mean that you don’t have to pay $500 out because Who are you paying it out to? Am I correct? I’m confused. Also, how can you keep it going with the same 15 people? Thanks

    5. http://Betty%20Moreland

      @Budget Bill We are about to start our own but before we do we want to make sure that we do it correctly and accurately.

  47. http://Freddy%20Productions

    Soooooo… if I can’t get two people with me, what’s the possibility of me investing $1,500 myself to essentially get the $4,000 in week four and then subsequently reinvesting the $1,500 to keep the process going?🤷🏿‍♂️ I hope I make sense… thx

    1. http://Kennedy%20Brown

      That would be difficult to do because if you cannot get the 2 ppl you will not be able to buy 2 extra spots (totaling 3) because then you would have to find 6 ppl. It’s you and two so every spot is $500 plus two people. If you buy 3 spots, you would have to find 2 ppl for each of the 3 spots.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill


  48. http://Nevius%20Toney

    Can you explain how residual payments work?

  49. http://Sharron%20Brown

    The biggest problem is that split, we did this in a group, called it the pyramid, every person that joined put up 100, and had to convince others to join so that they can get to the top of the pyramid and get paid, but another issue was once that person got to their pay out they didn’t rejoin the pyramid, so they tell the others that was left in the pyramid that they had to keep convincing people to join if they wanted to get to the top for their pay out 💯

  50. http://Sharron%20Brown

    It sounds like a good idea, but the issue is getting people to join and trust that they’ll have their chance of getting to the water position

    1. http://T%20M-10

      Abiyah Daughter of a King how does everyone get to the water after a person makes it to the water, that person regift the original person who was in the water when you first arrived?

    2. http://Abiyah%20Daughter%20of%20a%20King

      To my understanding everyone will eventually get in the water.

    3. http://Kristopher%20Leslie

      @Katrea Wilson what we did was get our immediate family up and running first and even for those affected by COVID, paid for their initial round. They paid back the person who “gifted them” the initial cost and still made obviously their funds back. I think getting past the initial 500.00 is the biggest bottleneck and once you get past that, just have people stay diligent and what not. I did some numbers and assume it’s up to 6000.00 a year you are paying into the whole su su. Obviously you get a bigger return with a bigger investment overall.
      I got paid just Sunday my first time and I’ve provided proof also to people. So it’s a matter of providing proper infographics and proper information about the legality and tax side of the social saving. If you look at it sideways its a pyramid but honestly everything in life is organized in some form or fashion and it’s all a pyramid, even in the bible lol. So it’s not to be confused with a pyramid scam/scheme which do exist but shouldn’t exist if you have people doing the right thing in the first place.

      The OP/videocaster should really explain the IRS side of it and honestly why is it at a $100-500.00 rate. We have to demystify the process so it’s not causing people to freak out.

    4. http://Katrea%20Wilson

      Sharron Brown that is correct. Getting 2 people is the harrrrrd part of the whole thing. It’s a friends and family SHARE account, but my family and friends don’t want to join unless they see proof. When everyone wants to see proof, I can’t show it because they are waiting to see what I bring in, and I can’t show proof because they won’t join. I totally get the concept, and it works, but the 2 people is not an easy task.

  51. http://Sharron%20Brown

    After the person is gifted, what if they don’t regift to start over, we’ll be short of a person, 🤷‍♀️

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Sharron Brown You can sell that spot and the work has already been done!

  52. http://Shaka%20Farrier

    The ultimate questions are:
    Can this concept theoretically work if everyone puts their money back in?

    How many people and looms would it take to make this loom infinite (not requiring new participants or new money)

    1. http://Lee

      These are excellent questions

    2. http://stellahsgroove

      I think he means finite

    3. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Not possible. Infinity is greater than the total number of atoms in the universe.

  53. http://Noel%20Ewing

    I’m looking for 2 ppl that’s ready this Sunday 6/28/20

    1. http://Sharron%20Brown

      Friends and family groups, its better if you actually know the people

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      And how are they supposed to reach you, Noel? THINK!

  54. http://Terri%20Wilson

    Maybe somebody can clarify this for me: if there are eight fires and only four winds/airs positions, what happens to the remaining fires when the other four advance in the second week?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Terri Wilson Watch my other video (SuSu) on my channel. It breaks everything down.

  55. http://James%20Mayden

    What happens once you leave the water position as your “flower” has split?

    1. http://Anthony%20Marshall

      @Demetrice Pringlewhen you start the susu for the very first time and the water is gifted which flower does the water that was gifted go to as fire

    2. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      You go back to regift.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      leave as you wish

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    You are explaining using the positions as examples but you are not speaking in dollars/ Please explain using dollar totals. As I see it the flower generates about 8000 dollars but only pays out 4000. Even when it splits all of the money is not consumed. Explain this please.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      You ONLY receive payout from ppl in FIRE position when your in WATER position. Which there should be 8 FIRE’s.

  58. http://Wendy%20Tolbert

    Hello, do you have a fire broker?

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Wendy Tolbert What state are you in, and what efforts are you taking to comply with their laws on business practices?

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Ohhh no. I’m sorry. Never heard of that before. No I’m not a participant. #sorry 👍🏽

    3. http://Wendy%20Tolbert

      Budget Bill someone that gets fires for you and they are prepared to bring in their fires. It helps people that don’t know many people to get on the flower. There is a fee paid.

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      What’s a Fire Broker?

  59. http://M%20s%20Tricksey

    I Can tell you when it ends! When the IRS sends that first letter stating you have received over 10k, and if you are not selling anything, why are you receiving this money? And from who? At this point, who ever in the group receives this letter, this is when the chain is broken and they stop sending money, which will stop everyone else from receiving money.

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Pamela Bowden Smith What did I do this time? You mortals… it is like walking around people whose skin rips off at the slightest touch!

    2. http://Pamela%20Bowden%20Smith

      Radda Shnitzel leave us alone! Stop snooping troll

    3. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @M s Tricksey Please read this woman’s experience. It isn’t the cash app that caused you and your friends grief, it’s the laws and regulations that your gifting was breaking. Take particular notice of what she said regarding “gifting statements.”

    4. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Kim Greenwell The IRS is quite clear (see their FAQ regarding the gift tax) that their definition of what qualifies as a “gift” does not include what is being done in these flowers, looms, or whatever names you call them by.

    5. http://M%20s%20Tricksey

      Please read my response in length of what happened to me. It’s posted…..Thank you.

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    I’m part of a friends and family savings!!! I’m so glad I finally got an understanding and didn’t wig out when shared with me. I was able to receive $1600 within days of contributing only 200$ within the community. I joined another with 35$ and received $200 in less than 2 weeks. I have funds now to cover graduate tuition this semester!!! I’m out of work but at least I can finish school and still eat. I’m so thankful!!!

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      I have a question. If the flower keeps on splitting how does it become residual?

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Bruce L. Sounds familiar. Play the football pot for the Superbowl. You can either win it all. Win some. Or lose all of it. Must know your risk! Nothing guaranteed!

    3. http://Bruce%20L.

      The 62nd person or 112th individual that joins underneath you is the person that will get screwed. I’m happy your making a lil cash off their backs though, congrats!!!!

    4. http://I%20AM%20ENOUGH

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    it’s a blessing loom, not a susu.. a blessing loom can work if you find 14 people who want to take a risk with/gamble their money.. i’m considering both

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    Quick question. Wouldn’t it make more since if the split happens at the AIR position? We two FIRES and one AIR. Still trying to make sense of the reduction of numbers from 8 FIRES to 1 WATER starts at week 2

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Efrem Ford Soery I didn’t design this. To help you make sense. THINK BIGGER than what you see in the screen. 😉

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    Could you show how the flower locks and show the flow of the same 30 people without having to add anymore people. Using the same 30 people can this sustain itself without adding anymore people ever???

    1. http://Francois%20Hewing

      If that is the case how is this not a Ponzi scheme??? If people have to constantly come in for this to work what happens when there is no more fires to bring in, in theory.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Francois Hewing no it won’t sustain

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    Then i invest $500 more dollars plus find one person(A) with $500. As my two fires coming behind me.

    Then I found 2 people for my second investment of $500 and they have there 2 people.

    The other person(A) found his two people. And etc. Does this work?

    1. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

      I found a $100 group. You don’t have to find people. It’s not a requirement

    2. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

      Melva Sampson plus I would have to find 2 people instead or just 3 people. Wouldn’t make since.

    3. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

      Melva Sampson why would it matter. I had the money in the beginning. And have it once I’m paid off. Why do I have to wait ?

    4. http://Melva%20Sampson

      You should add a layer between you so that you’re not gifting yourself. For instance, you find two legs who come in as fire and the you can re-invest as their legs and bring in two other people …

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    1. http://msyettab1

      This is a Sou-Sou “TYPE” of gifting family and friends blessing. Sou-Sou on STEROIDS! Best part is NO ONE PERSON is HOLDING $$!! Every week there is a person getting BLESSED!! Each person puts their $$ in DIRECTLY to the person who is in position to get blessed. So it constantly is moving! Our family has been EXTREMELY BLESSED by ours!

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    1. http://Simone%20Higginson

      I believe people have good intentions with this modern Sou Sou, however, the set up is not made for a long haul/long lasting because it is impossible to maintain recruitment process. I’m not trying to be negative either; I’m just calling a spade a spade. All the best to everyone who’s participating and don’t forget the people you brought into modern Sou Sou and the people they brought in and so on and so. It cannot be about “SELF”

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      The roads of Hell are paved with good intentioned souls…

  76. http://Grown%20Man

    What I’ve determined so far with these gifting platforms is that they are more of a RISK but are not a scam. At some point with every one of them, people will be able to rotate continuously without depending on new fires coming in. That should occur around one’s third payout. By the time one has received a third payout, that one should really be unaffected by whether or not new fires are coming onto the flower/board they are rotating on. The fires will be simply the people who are regifting out of their payouts and are simply rotating all over again. The RISK is in the beginning when a person is starting out working towards their first two payouts because new fires will determine pace, success, and failure of one receiving a payout.

    1. http://Dorothy%20Robinson%20Williams

      @Simone Higginson New people will always have to come in. However, everyone is responsible for ONLY 2, that is what makes the gifting cycle continuously. A flower is locked when it has 15 people on it. Therefore, your flower will have 15 branches, so when all 15 branches has their 15 people, they all will keep rotating with the same people, if no one decides to leave the group. So you join week 1, week 2 you bring you 2, week 3 they bring their 4 and week4 those 4 bring their 8. By then YOU will be water so those 8 fires will gift you. Week5 you resow. I believe that is when the flower starts branching off. Now those last 8 now have to go through the process of their 2, 4, 8. I hope this explanation helps.

    2. http://Dspiz35

      @Richard Ikura if you get paid once your flower is locked the same people will pay you Everytime

    3. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Dee And for folks who are on a PC computer, without a working phone?

    4. http://Dee

      Hi I’m in a flower that is doing very well, i have been payed twice and on my three payout and got the fill payout, i have two more flower to get and then i am not bring any one else in my flower, it will be locked and the flower i have will be just rotating out between the group we have, but every one must do their part and have $500 plus two people or $250 and find someone else to do the $250 as well and then you to will have to find one person each. but just know when you go in as a split with someone, you will be splitting the money which is $2,000 each when you are in the water, if anyone is interested in joining my flower, text me at 919-295-9596 only serious people please, i’m doing to good for someone to waste my time

    5. http://Simone%20Higginson

      @Highway Man How so when you have a split and each split generate another flower where one earth comes back in who’s filling the other slots??? Please explain in full details step by step. Week 1 to Week 4 and than back to week 1

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      @Dorothy Robinson Williams Being n Georgia, state laws happen to make this gift system illegal for reasons other than taxation. The IRS is no defense against the SEC, nor against laws prohibiting certain forms of business structure.

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Dorothy Robinson Williams I’m quite aware of both documents, Dorothy. No offense intended, but the IRS does override other sources when it comes to what is and is not taxable. Note the question in the FAQ on “What is considered a gift?”

    3. http://Dorothy%20Robinson%20Williams

      WARNING!!!! People, do not fall for anything or anyone who tell you that you can join a share group and don’t bring 2 people. To grow a well structured flower, it is based on the power of 1,2,4 and 8. I don’t know how that works without bringing anyone so I would be wary of that. There are honest, well structured Gifting groups out there so please, please do your research.

    4. http://Dorothy%20Robinson%20Williams

      @Radda Shnitzel I understand your concerns, and I will not say things like this is not happening, but I can guaranteed you that the share group I am in does not structure that way. In our group, we have: Attorneys, Counselors, ex- IRS employees, and we have our gift tax letters that we signed and delivered to each people who gifted you. In the state of Ga. Gifting is not illegal, you can check it out on the IRS website. For this year there is a $15,000 threshold that you can give to any 1 person per year. Check it out for yourself.

  79. http://Denise%20Reid-Huie

    Did you know this is illegal

    1. http://SuperChris501

      Did you know it isn’t? I looked up tax codes and gifting on the IRS website and an individual can gift up to $15,000 annually but according to this, you’ll never get that much from one person. At most, annually , you’ll get $6000 from an individual, unless you both are on the same flower, and they are fire and you are water. That would have to be 3 different flowers where you were water. Then you’d have to claim taxes. Individual gifts keeps you from having to. West Africans have been doing this for ages. Maybe you hate it because you didn’t think of it….

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    2. http://Budget%20Bill

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      You re gift back again to become a fire again, then you cycle again. If you are interested send me a message. I have open slots on my flower. It’s only a $100 buy in, and the payout is $800 each cycle.

  83. http://Jackie%20Newton

    Where does Motown go after they are gifted?

    1. http://Mz%20Johnson

      You then REGIFT, out of your payout. Then you go back to fire, and cycle through again. It continues this way, which makes it residual

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Return back to original FIRE position.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Return back to original FIRE position.

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      @LOOSE ENDZ this long azz thread lol.. how about this you send me you email address and I’ll send you a link to our next call where you can see it in full for yourself? Maybe that might help you

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      @LOOSE ENDZ I stand corrected.. from reading other posts Simone put up I don’t believe she’s actually in a group.. can’t telk you what to do, but not sure why you’d wanna take advice from someone who’s not in one… how can you speak on something you’re not a part of? You can only go based on what you’ve heard from others 🤷🏽‍♀️

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      No. Come & go as you please is typical. However, depends on what your in.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      No. Come & go as you please is typical. However, depends on what your in.

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    2. http://Budget%20Bill

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      +KimStyleznFilez NO. You already have your 2 people under you. Nothing else to do after WATER position.

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    I was told the flower locks at 64 people, from that point who ever is in the water position would reinvest $500 back into the pool then so on. The same 64 ppl would be locked in to gift each other, then this is where it could become residual income. note: have new fires on standby if anyone decides to drop out..also note that u could have two spots on one flower if u sow another $500 into the flower. The flower I’m in are all professionals, family & trusted friends of our vibration. Ppl on our flower have gone thru rotation twice so far. I’d be in the water in 3 weeks, I’d keep u guys updated with the current of our flower. Happy Blessings💰💱💰

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Gabriella G And how many people are needed to fill out each of those 8 flowers to support the fires? Put mind in gear.

    2. http://Gabriella%20G

      @k ld this is correct.. it takes 64 people to actually lock a flower from when you’re in the water position to turn it into residual… the number 64 as mentioned by others comes from the 8 fires that gifted you will each have to be gifted themselves by 8 their fires.. 8×8=64

    3. http://Sermon%20Institute%20For%20Success

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    4. http://Sermon%20Institute%20For%20Success

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      Perhaps 7-8 weeks if successful?

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    Can you explain how it would work if you kept the 8 people in the flower, who would continue but don’t bring new people in?

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      You need 15 on a flower…

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    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Alexis A. Doesn’t/won’t work

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    Hi can you explain what happens to the person after they are a water? They become a fire again with the same group? How is this possible when the flower splits? Won’t it always be new people. ?

    1. http://Dave%20Weber

      Jackie Newton yes. We need answers. 😁

    2. http://Katrea%20Wilson

      Tanzania Lucas, everyone that comes under you after you start are going to be with you always. Therefore, the 8 fires that first gift to you will always be the same people that gift you every 4 weeks. This is where it gets a little confusing, but I’ll do my best. The 8 fires under you have to continue getting 2 people as well to keep the flow going. So those 8 fires all have to get 2 people each, which turns to 16. That’s how both earths get paid at the same time. Both earths split and collect from the 16 fires that came from the 8. Once you leave from the water position, you go back to the fire position and just continue to rotate on a monthly basis collecting $4000, and gifting back $500 to equal $3500. While you have already finished your flower, all the new flowers are trying to fill their flowers to continue helping others make the whole $3500. If someone doesn’t do their job by getting 2 people, the flower can fail and you may get partial payment of the $3500, but not all of it. That’s why it’s very important to communicate with your community about everything.

    3. http://Dspiz35

      @Rochelle Peele every water will have their own 8 fires. The water when you was a fire will not be a fire when you are a water

    4. http://Dspiz35

      @Tanzania Lucas you go back to being the fire for the same water you was in the beginning not the people you invited

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      Wonderful. Good luck!

  100. http://LadyQueen%20BBG

    Lol to the Warning disclaimer.. good to see you again,

    and yes again you have explained this beautifully.. and I’m glad I got it early in the game.

    BudgetBill this is why people cannot recognize this thing for what it is.. because it is decorated with “flowerrrrs” and “BLESSINGGSSSS”


    To each his own.

    I see no flower, fire, earth’s, nor water.. nor pyramid, nor ponzi…. I see a matrix. Decorated with cute names targeting a certain group of people.

    But the information is greatly appreciated. The more you know the more you grow.

    I feel that the traditional susu could hold more integrity because it comes back around, but it’s best done with people you actually know. There is no income without 8 new people being -convinced- oh I mean “blessed” to join.

    On the other hand if you are just in it to genuinely bless someone you don’t know that is great.. to each his own.. but I highly doubt that the one who came up with this can have the same integrity..

    Like I said.. I’m too analytical for this.

    1. http://Kim%20Greenwell

      @Lee well the real works come into play when someone moves into the Earth position, that’s were your team YOU build starts to get paid. So yes you have to put the work, just like anything in life you really want or desire… nothing falls in our laps from the sky, Right 😎

    2. http://Lee

      I understand what you mean. To me, it seems like it’s infinite. Like it’s never ending. You will always have to add in two more people. And there is a risk that someone that was brought in might not follow through. What I person A is in the water position but then the fires that were recently brought in dont follow through? Then the chain is broken.

    3. http://Kim%20Greenwell

      WOW..sorry to hear/read that Ladies because YOU are truly missing OUT something really GREAT for OUR COMMUNITY 😢♥️

    4. http://stellahsgroove

      Me too sis

  101. http://Starr%20_

    This is Awesome!!! I’m all in!

    1. http://Kim%20Greenwell

      @Mz Johnson hi please send me information about this, this might be a better group for my daughter & her “milli” friends ♥️🤑

    2. http://Tywonia%20Millender

      We also have spots available.

    3. http://Mz%20Johnson

      I also have a spot open on mine. Let me know if your interested. Have a blessed day. It’s a $100 buy in with a pay out of $800 to start out. Then you can move up to a higher buy in if you choose. But it’s easier to get $100 to get started.

    4. http://Tanisha%20Woodyard

      Hi Starr. If you’re interested, I have 4 fire positions available on my flower. Yoy and come in Sunday. Do you have your 2 fires?

  102. http://Bee%20Dot

    we need some fires!! hit me if interested!!

    1. http://Lydia%20Deets

      @Bee Dot “Stranger danger” is quite right, Bee. The flower attracts cops… because it is an illegal pyramid scheme and well documented as such.

    2. http://Bee%20Dot

      @Budget Bill hahaha i know i know. aint nuthn but that flower thirst. i retract my previous invite haha

    3. http://Budget%20Bill


  103. http://Mikki%20Grant

    Great explanation!!!

    1. http://Jessica%20Ross

      Are you in a friends and family share group?

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Mikki Grant Thanks for the support

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thanks for the support

  104. http://Joshua%20Williams

    I Totally get all this!! I understood it Last Night After watching Your first Video… Where I’m lost Tho is Does it Ever End? Cuz unfortunately, I hate to think Negative, But somebody gonna drop the ball or renig or sumn and then What?!? 🤔🤔🤔

    1. http://Yevette%20McCall

      Is that legal

    2. http://cheryl%20malcolm

      Rochelle B I dint understand why you were watered minimally. Can you explain?

    3. http://stellahsgroove

      @Budget Bill thank you for saying this…

    4. http://Michael%20Parmes

      Tess Young in one flower, the very first time you are Fire, you gift the Water $500 and you need to bring in two people. Then in about 21 days, you become Water, and you get gifted $500 each from up to 8 people. The next week, you become Fire again, and you will gift the same Water from the first time $500.
      You DO NOT have to bring in two new people.

    5. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

      It’s been going on for a long time now. Unsure the age but more than 25

  105. http://Elder%20Everett%20Gilbert

    Thanks bill. Do you have one I can join?

    1. http://Nikki%20Ransom

      @B.A Positive Light Thats crazy that people are charging fees. I have read that somewhere. My community helps each other. If you are interested, please let me know. You can leave your email and I will email you. We actually have a zoom call today WHERE you ACTUALLY see the people you are gifting.

    2. http://Dee

      Hi I’m in a flower that is doing very well, i have been payed twice and on my three payout and got the fill payout, i have two more flower to get and then i am not bring any one else in my flower, it will be locked and the flower i have will be just rotating out between the group we have, but every one must do their part and have $500 plus two people or $250 and find someone else to do the $250 as well and then you to will have to find one person each. but just know when you go in as a split with someone, you will be splitting the money which is $2,000 each when you are in the water, if anyone is interested in joining my flower, text me at 919-295-9596 only serious people please, i’m doing to good for someone to waste my time

    3. http://B.A%20Positive%20Light

      The one I’m in now is much better.

    4. http://B.A%20Positive%20Light

      Pray about who to join. I got a group. As I said pray..

    5. http://B.A%20Positive%20Light

      @Nikki Ransom I agree with you, I was in one where they kept changing the rules and adding more and more fees..

  106. http://777%20LUUP

    Iv been doing this for about 2 weeks. Its great. Flower is growing fast. If you are interested please reach out.

    1. http://Dee

      @B.A Positive Light Hi I’m in a flower that is doing very well, i have been payed twice and on my three payout and got the fill payout, i have two more flower to get and then i am not bring any one else in my flower, it will be locked and the flower i have will be just rotating out between the group we have, but every one must do their part and have $500 plus two people or $250 and find someone else to do the $250 as well and then you to will have to find one person each. but just know when you go in as a split with someone, you will be splitting the money which is $2,000 each when you are in the water, if anyone is interested in joining my flower, text me at 919-295-9596 only serious people please, i’m doing to good for someone to waste my time

    2. http://B.A%20Positive%20Light

      Are you about to close our group?

  107. http://MrGoodvibration144

    Thanks for the explanation. I watched this one and the first one but I’m still a lil confused on how this can work without constantly having to bring new people in. Can you make a video explaining how to keep the susu in rotation after the split without having to keep bringing new people in? How many people will be needed, when each person will get paid out ect? Thanks and appreciate it if you can do that.

    1. http://Primus%20primus

      @Michael Parmes your explanation was very clear

    2. http://Rroller%201

      Please listen people. You will make money but eventually its going to stop because the other 8 fires that are going to gift you are relying in their flowers to continue. If something happens to their flower they are not going to continue to gift you so eventually its going to end. The first people to start it are going to get most of the money. Simple as that. Join it if you want but you better hope you join at the beginning

    3. http://Evin0688

      This is a Pyramid Scheme. You’re not selling a physical product, you’re selling the sous sous itself, but it still functions like a pyramid scheme.

    4. http://LOOSE%20ENDZ

      @Grysell how so if the flower keeps splitting? Once you reach water position and get paid you go back to fire position. How can the other 7 fires be the same people of the first flower you were in?

    5. http://Reginald%20Warren

      Grysell Yes this is what I love about that.

  108. http://duraggg%20ura

    Great Explanation..I’m in a good progressive Friends & Family…can use an Air or Two. If interested hit me up.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thanks for the support

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