Ujamaa/Sou-Sou (SuSu): Friends & Family Money Share | A Legit Way to SAVE? Or is it a Scam? Education 

Ujamaa/Sou-Sou (SuSu): Friends & Family Money Share | A Legit Way to SAVE? Or is it a Scam?

Ujamaa is simply a friends and family community share group to build wealth within that community. It is not a scam its simply a Gifting Program. As if someone is giving you a gift of a certain amount of money and you are returning the favor. The IRS even states that you can receive a certain amount of funds per month as gifts per year. 

should be able to trust them right? Well, some people still have doubts about it. But they shouldn’t because once they join its becomes a family and friends share group so how can someone u trust scam you? You will have all of their information even if you don’t know the person and you are just gifting and getting gifted.

The only way to get gifted is if you build your flower after paying your gift of $500 or the amount you choose to join with, but Let’s say its $500 that you gift. After gifting someone you may or may not know, you will then begin growing your flower so you can get gifted. The only way you don’t get paid depends on you and the people on your flower which are your family and friends, so if anyone scamming You its YOUR own people. It takes a community, like-minded people and open-minded people to make it work. NOT scared, complaining, non go getters. IF you know one of your family members or friends are one of these people do not invite them because they will stall your flower. Any way look at the video below and I will explain how you grow your flower.

With that being said I can say that Ujamaa/SuSu is not a scam. It is all about how much effort you put into finding like-minded people to help grow the flower. It’s about cooperation between like-minded people with the same common goal which is to build wealth.

IF you have joined a SuSu and it did not work you will call it a SCAM because it did not work for YOU. The reason why it probably didn’t work is

1. You did not put in the effort to find your 2 people

2. You probably found 2 people but they changed their mind and you just gave up

3. You found 2 people but the 2 people you found didn’t make an effort to try

That’s the only way it will not work is if no one is helping the other find like-minded people to join! It cannot be a scam because you are dealing with your own friends and family member and no one is taking anyone money without their consent because everyone is gifting!

Go if you lost money in SuSu you joined the wrong one. Sometimes strangers are more trust worthy and understand you more than family does so think outside the box.

With that being said IF you are new to this and someone told you about it and you decided to google it then go straight to the source. If you search all over the internet you are bound to find some crazy things that people say due to their own faults.

My tips on getting into a susu. Before you join make sure you have two people in mind. After you join make sure you communicate with the people one your flower and if they say they can’t find anyone encourage them and help them find two people because its YOUR Flower you are growing to get gifted. IF four weeks come and you only have a few flowers you will still get your 500 back plus Some. And when the rest of the gifters come you will get them late but next go round you will be gifted your 4000 eventually over and over again. You only put 500 back in the next week after being gifted to your water and 3 weeks after that you are getting gifted again from the same fires. No extra work has to be done after you grow your fire and you have extra money coming in per month.

Sometimes that extra money could be more than you make at your current job.

Why would you wont to slave for someone else on a 9 to 5 every day! Breaking your body down working for a little bit of money when you can join a SuSu and build wealth the easy way? Especially when its more than your current income.

Some people drop 500 bucks on clothes, shoes gadgets and other stupid things and cry broke until the next pay check. I don’t understand it. Why wouldn’t you invest your money and let it grow over time and get more in return every freaking month??

IF you are one of those people, do not join the SUSU it is not for you. My mom always said, Scared Money don’t make no Money. And if you keep spending instead of saving you will always be broke and working for someone else for the rest of your life. And if you are saying well I make more than 4000 a month. That job you have can let you go any day and replace you with the next. But Ujamaa is forever, even when you die you can pass it on to your family.

I recommend not letting Fear hinder your dreams, you can have more than one flower after you grow the first one can be able to do what ever you want when you want. Get out of debt, Get that house you always wanted, Own that business, ANYTHING!

So if you are one of those people that still stay its a Scam please keep your opinions to yourself and move on with your life and let other like-minded people live theirs. I can talk because I have received my gifts because I helped to grow my flower. You can get gifted any way you choose and I chose cash app.

There is a program that’s set up with UjamaaClub.net that when you join all other like-minded people like you are joining. The Ujamaa Club automatically grows your flower by connecting you and other like-minded people together that are ready to gift. Making it easier to grow your flower.

Right now is the time for us to come together. If you are struggling in life, lost your job, need money, want to open a business, breaking down from working long hours. Then it is time for a change. The corona virus isn’t getting any better and the economy is not either. This will set you up for success in any crisis. I encourage all of our People to come together and work on their own individual flowers, plant the seed and watch it grows. All for one-one for all! Many blessings to whom ever read this to the end. Choose your path at www.ujamaaclub.net and join the club!

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196 thoughts on “Ujamaa/Sou-Sou (SuSu): Friends & Family Money Share | A Legit Way to SAVE? Or is it a Scam?

  1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

    REAL Sou Sou vs. FAKE Sou Sou:
    Sou Sou SCAM Video [MUST WATCH]: Be careful and always look out for scams on the internet! Don’t forget to *subscribe* and check out my *FREE STUFF* section in the description!

    1. http://Princess%20Peach

      @J Mcb it’s a scam because you only get money if 14 people below give a “gift.” Someone is going to be SOL but not the first few “waters” and flowers.

      1. That’s only if people are lazy and don’t do much to grow their flowers .. if you are negative you will never make any money .. I just got some of my gifts today and getting the rest Sunday before 12.. this does work!

    2. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

      Eddie Cam my friend is a pastor. He’s been paid. Also I know people personal who’s been paid. It’s legit man.

    3. http://J%20Mcb

      You get your 500 back if you can’t get 2 ppl to join so pls tell me how it’s a scam 🤦‍♂️

    4. http://J%20Mcb

      How the fk is it a scam you ppl so dumb. Listen to the 1st 50 seconds where he says it CAN WORK IF….

    5. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Eddie Cam hahaha yup that would be it… I’m doing a video on how the actual scam works soon!

  2. http://Coach%20T

    By your diagram. How is this effective if your have put in more than your saving?
    Everyone puts $100 in every month. I get $400 first. But the next 3 months I pay $300 totaling $400.
    If somebody else wants to be paid first I would have put in more than the pay out by the time is my turn again.. I’m just trying to understand because my girlfriend family wants us to join in

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      As well as depending on when you are in the rotation, you basically get a short term no interest loan

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      It’s not! It was specifically made for those that have trouble saving on their own!

  3. http://Pat%20B.

    Thanks for simplifying. Please post vid on Blessing Look.

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Check my channel! And the pinned post, I did 2 videos on the sou sou scam (blessing loom)

  4. http://Brandi%20Morgan

    I actually like this video. I have one started as well and we are making money. Ours is $500 initial, with 4000 payout. I see how people could be skeptical, especially when money is involved. The one im affiliated with has no “one” person at the top. All participants receive the same payout.. Thank you for sharing this video. You Rock!!

    1. http://Brandi%20Morgan

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money correct

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Thanks Brandi! You have a set number of people right?

  5. http://Amy%20Rodriguez

    For all my Hispanic people this is also known as “Tandas”

  6. http://Earl%20Garris

    I received my $4000 while 3500 where did I get scammed

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Is more of a scheme than a scam (although there are people who get scammed in the case they join, pay their money then the group doesn’t find enough people to join). It’s illegal in most states

  7. http://Kendrix%20SS

    Me and my family been doing this for some time now… it’s legit but it’s a team effort

  8. http://millenium%20cooks

    If you guys want a real sou sou that is legal email me chattymilli@gmail.com

  9. http://PC-NATION

    Why would I give my money to other people. As far as I know if you put 400 a month in for 12 months you only get back 4000.00 the dealer gets 800…hmm sounds like people getting taken advantage of. We should learn to take care of ourselves. My Fiancée is Haitian and I told our family will not participate in bull like this

    1. http://millenium%20cooks

      What? The way it works is (my group is ujamma) put $500 in, invite your two people, they put their $500, etc. In 3 weeks you get back $4,000 everyone resows $500 and the cycle continues with each person receiving $4000 after their 3 weeks.

  10. http://The%20Amazing%20Guyulnevrb

    I like how none of the comments saying this works, are older than 3 weeks lol.

    1. http://The%20Amazing%20Guyulnevrb

      @angel walker I don’t believe you because
      1. In looking at your responses, you don’t really seem like the most emotionally intelligent person.
      2. Your grammar isn’t that of someone I’d taking any type of financial advice from.
      3. You’re not even reading your audience. This is a post basically calling out fake Sou Sou as a scam…why are you in this comment section?

      If you’re making money, why are you on YouTube looking for posts about scams? You should be looking got videos about stuff to spend all your money on lol.

      Here let me help you

    2. http://angel%20walker

      The Amazing Guyulnevrb right you don’t who in the hell has a reason to lie to you for what nothing to gain or lose or prove

    3. http://The%20Amazing%20Guyulnevrb

      @angel walker sorry, I don’t believe you. but I don’t have to.

    4. http://angel%20walker

      The Amazing Guyulnevrb I’m going to tell you one more time the group I’m in is legit everyone gets their money and we haven’t stopped period like anything rose it’s good and bad teachers cops politicians fast food workers not all of these are scams but I’m not tryjng to convince you and nobody else I paid eheh I was suppose to so whoever money I got was suppose to pay and we are still rolling on

    5. http://The%20Amazing%20Guyulnevrb

      @angel walker you got your money? Okay, how about the people you invited? I mean technically the way this is structured, you didn’t get your money you got someone else’s money lol. But seriously, in a real Sou Sou everyone’s getting paid and there’s little to no risk of not getting paid. You don’t need to convince anyone new to join.

  11. http://Patricia%20Dickerson

    Thank you for the information and helping me decide if I should join in or not. I will not. Thanks again.

    1. http://T.E.%20Steger

      I love my sou sou.

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      No problem! Thanks for watching!

  12. http://Tay234

    I don’t understand it takes 4 months to get your money back..

    1. http://T.E.%20Steger

      Mine just 4 weeks

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      if you are the last person in the rotation yes! Most don’t follow the same rotation every time though

  13. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

    Hey don, id encourage you to go watch my most recent video on the real vs. fake sou sou. The better business bureau has labeled the blessing loom (another name for the “modern day sou sou” or “gifting circle”) a pyramid scheme. My home state Virginia has labeled the blessing loom as illegal as well. Please refer to VA state law (link in that updated video). It is illegal because the blessing loom involves inviting new members to maintain money flow. Once inviting members stops, there is no more money. Not sure what kind of law enforcement you are or what state you are from but it is definitely illegal in my state. ALSO this video you commented on goes over the REAL sou sou, not the “blessing loom” or “modern day sou sou”.

  14. http://Vannessa%20Spence

    You are spreading lies about that blessing loop. It is not illegal and they educate very well before you get into it and while you’re in it ! Even the name you give is false. It is friends and family sharing. The video you presented is about a traditional sou sou. The friends and family sharing is the modern day spin off. Please educate yourself before defaming something ancient that you really don’t properly understand!! As a matter of fact, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MAKING ANY MORE VIDEOS ABOUT SOU SOU!!!! Let someone else teach the ancient method of sharing who knows better how to present it properly to the people of their community person to person!!!!!

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Hey Vanessa. Please go read my pinned comment. Also I clearly state in the video that I went over the REAL sou sou. I have two other videos talking about the fake scam people are trying to call a sou sou (it goes by various names such as the blessing loom, modern day sou sou, and friends and family share). If you actually watched the full video you would know that

  15. http://flammes%20flammes

    This is called tontine in my country

    1. http://flammes%20flammes

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money yep!!!

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money


  16. http://I%20am

    Have you tried the Blessing Loom? Cause you talk like you’ve tried it. We do it out here and it’s incredible. No one is on top so the money doesn’t go up. Try it then talk about it

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Check out this video with links associated. Blessing loom is illegal in most states. The better business bureau has labeled it a scam and it falls under pyramid scheme laws in many states.

      So no, I don’t have to “try it” to know it’s illegal haha. By the way, I never said you couldn’t make money doing it. Pyramid schemes are designed to make money while keeping the participants ignorant of what is actually happening. Once people stop getting recruited, your group will fall apart. You may have gained money from it, but those that just joined and haven’t gotten paid out yet will lose their money when the group fails.

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Have you seen the folks who go behind bars for running it? Here’s a hint: The big busts ain’t black, they’re white. And the loom is a felony to operate.

  17. http://Jay%20Melo

    So your telling me i have to trust people with my money and i have to trust people who will keep adding money in when need be?

    1. http://T.E.%20Steger

      Yes and I keep my initial investment in the rotation

  18. http://Jocelyn%20Patterson

    This was great! Thank you for explaining. I was recently invited to join and was skeptical.

    1. http://Twixx%20Latasha

      But I have earned money from it so how is it a scam?

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      No problem! I have a video coming out tomorrow explaining more about the differences between a real and fake one

  19. http://Bryant%20Shavuo

    Yes, Do one on the other one ! Please

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      There is another one about the scam! Check my channel out AND subscribe. Rumor is I’ll be putting another sou sou video out tomorrow

  20. http://Lover-of%20TRuth

    The way this works is you break even, you don’t get ahead.. you spend $400 and get back $400.. learn to save on your own and also people don’t factor in A. How shaky this economy is.. they just had everyone on lockdown for covid and we haven’t begun to see the true fall out for that and B. Life’s little unpleasant and unexpected emergencies.. if I had an extra $100-$500 to put in a pot every week, I would have no use for sou sou.. people need to learn to budget their money, live within their means, stop trying to keep up with the joneses and stop being so damn greedy. El Fin. Btw good video!

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Thank you! Glad someone can see that sou sous can be real and legit!

  21. http://BAGS_OF_BISCUITS

    I see a lot of people saying this is a scam. How can you be scammed or call it a pyramid scheme if you’re doing this with family? If that’s the case you don’t trust your family. Also my sou sou has a contract making everyone accountable.

    1. http://BAGS_OF_BISCUITS

      Radda Shnitzel why would I read this? It doesn’t apply to me or my family. This is someone who fell for a the modern sou sou scam, also there’s always a risk of losing your money with investments so you should do proper research of what you’re getting yourself into, because after they took your money there’s no way for you to get your money unless you signed a binding agreement that you will invest this amount for this return. Which of course they won’t do why? Because they are scammers. I’ve been using promissory notes since age 19 when I started my own business and didn’t want to deal/ pay for lawyers. Same still stands today there’s no need. So exactly what is your point? Seems like you just want to be right about something 😂 take that s@$t somewhere else. I’m not here to boost your ego

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @BAGS_OF_BISCUITS A promissory note is quite different than what I was thinking about. Try reading this case, and see what I meant:
      Sorry that it isn’t searchable; it was recorded as images rather than text.

    3. http://BAGS_OF_BISCUITS

      Radda Shnitzel have you heard of a promissory note? It’s just a precaution to push out people who want to abuse our community. People in my culture have been doing this for centuries….. I think we’ve got it under control 🥴

    4. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @BAGS_OF_BISCUITS A contract is only valid if it conforms with contract law, by the way.

    5. http://BAGS_OF_BISCUITS

      Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money thank you but I’m quite informed….. my people are the ones who started this 😂

      But thanks

  22. http://zoe%20h

    Hello, if you’re interested in joining. I’d be more than happy to assist you w an invitation. I can be reached at zoe.demetriaa@gmail.com

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Zoe h Does that make you a “fire broker?”

  23. http://Toni%20Ledesma

    Hi, thanks for the information. Please give me more info on Ponzi Scheme.

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money
  24. http://Teshome%20Gowon

    Y’all sleep , listen to you family & go get that money

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money
  25. http://Jessica%20Yasmeen

    This seems like a good way to save if you need money up front, quick and fast. But if you’re the last person, then you have to wait and could have possibly just saved by yourself.

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Very true Jessica! I personally wouldn’t use this system, but for those that need to be held accountable, it is good.

  26. http://Mac%20&%20Cel%20Does%20Everything

    You are 100% wrong . The money doesn’t travel up to the person how started it. You should probably do actual research but just look on the internet for info . Every 4 weeks somebody gets paid . But this is why you aren’t invited to one. I’ll be happy to show you my payouts . Also i know everybody who has gotten paid .

    1. http://Lydia%20Deets

      @Mac & Cel Does Everything What a lovely example of how *not* to handle public relations.

    2. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Mac & Cel Does Everything And with regard to the false and misleading claim about the IRS and gifts, I refer you and your attorney to this.

      Alleged tax fraud and pyramid scheme at core of Conn. gifting table case

      With a trial in set to begin on Jan. 24 over a “Women’s Gifting Table,” attorneys and a judge in Hartford, Connecticut discussed on Monday the jury selection process and admissible testimony.

      Jan 15th, 2013

      With a trial in set to begin on Jan. 24 over a “Women’s Gifting Table,” attorneys and a judge in Hartford, Connecticut, discussed on Monday the jury selection process and admissible testimony.

      A key issue is whether and how the terms “pyramid scheme” or “Ponzi scheme” can be used during proceedings.

      The trial in U.S. District Court here is expected to continue through mid-February. Judge Alvin W. Thompson estimated Feb. 15, with Feb. 20 possible.

      Assistant U. S. Attorney Douglas P. Morabito said in Monday’s pretrial conference that he has a list of some 64 witnesses, while Norm Pattis, attorney for defendant Donna Bello, said there are more than 100 pages of emails to be entered as exhibits.

      Bello and co-defendant Jill Platt, both of Guilford, will be tried together on federal charges of conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service, four counts of filing a false tax return and 12 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud for their alleged leadership in the Women’s Gifting Table.

      Bettejane Hopkins of Essex had faced the same charges. She pleaded guilty last month to one count of conspiracy to defraud the IRS.

      The government has deemed the “gifting table” an illegal pyramid scheme and plans to hear testimony from Kenneth Kelly, an employee of the Federal Trade Commission who has calculated that 87.5 percent of those who participate will lose money.

      Jonathan J. Einhorn, Platt’s attorney, recently filed a motion saying Kelly should not be allowed to tell the jury he has determined the operation to be a pyramid scheme, considering the attention garnered by the Bernie Madoff case, which involved a Ponzi scheme.

      Pattis said in court Monday he agrees. He said the terms are “factually incorrect” and “inflammatory,” and if used “we might be deprived of a fair trial.”

      Pattis and Einhorn also argued against Kelly’s calculations.

      Einhorn requested that “pyramid scheme” and “Ponzi scheme” be stricken from the indictment and that government witnesses be told not to use the terms.

      Prosecutors argue that the phrases are “not overly prejudicial” and help describe what the defendants are accused of.

      Had new recruits to the table known it was a pyramid scheme, “I think they will testify they would not have joined,” Morabito said.

      Thompson expects to rule on the motions in the next few days.

      Barbara Hamburg, a Madison woman who was involved in a gifting table, was killed in 2010, and this came up Monday. Morabito said witnesses have been advised that the Hamburg homicide “is not an issue. … The government doesn’t want the jury to think that, somehow, this woman’s murder was related to her participation in gifting tables.”

      Morabito said he expects to present testimony from lawyers who allegedly gave advice to table participants. Women involved often told recruits that attorneys and accountants gave their approval.


      Copyright 2013 – New Haven Register, Conn.

    3. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Mac & Cel Does Everything You’re threatening the FBI? Cute trick, Marcel.
      A Pyramid or “PONZI” Scheme is an illegal way of making money using an endless stream of recruits or investors. Some Pyramid Schemes involve a product while others do not. In Arizona, a program is considered a Pyramid Scheme when participants earn more money from bringing others into the program than from the sale of goods, services or intangible property. Pyramid Schemes are successful because potential recruits are told they can make quick, easy money. In reality, it is almost mathematically impossible to make any money at all.

      This is how pyramid schemes work:

      New recruits typically pay a sum of money to enter the program. This individual is then urged to bring in additional recruits or investors, who in turn bring in more money.

      In theory, each recruit’s name eventually moves up to the top of the pyramid as new recruits are added to the bottom.

      Once a recruit reaches the top, he or she gets all or most of the money paid by newest recruits at the bottom.

      The only people who make money through these schemes are the ones who get in at the very beginning. The remainder or newest recruits will lose most or all they invested.

      Be extremely wary of any type of investment opportunity that sounds like a Pyramid Scheme. Anyone who starts, operates, advertises or promotes a Pyramid Scheme can be charged, either civilly or criminally, whether or not they actually earn monies from the program.

      For more information, or if you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please contact the Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix at (602) 542-5763; in Tucson at (520) 628-6504; or outside the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas at (800) 352-8431. Consumers can also file complaints online by visiting the Attorney General’s Web site at http://www.azag.gov.

    4. http://Mac%20&%20Cel%20Does%20Everything

      Richard Ikura first , what we do is perfectly legal, friends and family in a community gifting money . Check IRS tax code on gift gifting , second . You just publicly threatened illegal retaliatory behavior , which is against the law , and a federal crime because it was done using the internet . You have been reported to YouTube.

    5. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Mac & Cel Does Everything I would beg to differ there. If you are doing what I think you are from your first post, doxing is a likely outcome of my research and report to my superior.

  27. http://The%20Buzz%20Ent.

    Well you are explaining it wrong first of all. That’s not how it works at all smh. Know the facts before you speak.

    1. http://Mac%20&%20Cel%20Does%20Everything


    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      What’s wrong about it? Feel free to research a real sou sou, this is exactly how it works!

  28. http://Bradford%20Speaks

    Im sure there are other sou sou definitions and structures, but this isn’t how the one that was introduced to me actually works. You don’t put money into the “pot” each week/month.

    1. http://Bradford%20Speaks

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money you only put money into the “pot” once every 4 weeks and you are awarded the “pot” once every 4 weeks. When awarded, you only put back in the initial investment amount, never more and never more than 2 people are you required to introduce to the organization. Honestly, these things aren’t that complicated, it’s pretty simple math. The key – from what I’ve gathered – is making sure you are building with people you trust and who have the same ideals, ethics, integrity and goals as you do. No different than choosing who you will go into business with.

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Check out my other sou sou scam video. That might be what you’re talking about

    3. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Can you explain yours?

  29. http://J%20Perri


    1. http://J%20Perri

      PC-NATION you don’t get it it’s cool

    2. http://PC-NATION

      @J Perri then why do it?

    3. http://J%20Perri

      PC-NATION have a bank & have a cd …Suo Suo has no interest

    4. http://PC-NATION

      @J Perri sounds like a scheme. Just save your money in the bank. Or purchase CD’s

    5. http://J%20Perri

      PC-NATION it’s an advancement. And it’s not “random people“

  30. http://J%20Perri

    I do the Suo Suo and I got 4000 and my friends all got 4000

    1. http://Kiara%20Williams

      Mrs BiLLionaire he said that in the video didn’t he?

    2. http://J%20Perri

      Twixx Latasha guarantee he DOESN’T do the video

    3. http://Twixx%20Latasha

      I know its amongst family then friends

    4. http://Mrs%20BiLLionaire

      Exactly so where’s the scam in that?? I disagree with the video. As long as you have reliable purple and enter with 2 people. U r good for recycling ♻️ your money back.

  31. http://Jeffery%20Carroll

    He is wrong the Flower is not a Ponzi scheme DON’ T LISTEN TO HIM!!!

    1. http://Dippy

      Yeah I know thanks

    2. http://Richard%20Ikura

      Jeffery Carroll Screaming won’t help anyone.

    3. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Jeff this video was about the real sou sou. Go check out my other video on the scam blessing loom (literally most governments classify it as a pyramid scheme)

  32. http://Jeffery%20Carroll

    Half of this is

  33. http://SissyBlackWidowSpider

    Pls do a video on the su su blessing scam with adding 2 peoples .what about the one called.,Ujammah

  34. http://SissyBlackWidowSpider

    Yes pls do one on the jummaha

  35. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

    Ok so I have a question? Can i invest $500 on week 1 and become a fire?

    Then i invest $500 more dollars plus find one person(A) with $500. As my two fires coming behind me.

    Then I found 2 people for my second investment of $500 and they have there 2 people.

    The other person(A) found his two people. And etc. Does this work?

    1. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Antione Pyrtle I am getting royally fed up here. Read the fucking rule for yourself!

      “What is considered a gift?”

      Answer: “Any transfer to an individual, either directly or indirectly, where full consideration (measured in money or money’s worth) is not received in return.”

      In other words, if you receive money in return, equal to or more than you gave, it is not a gift. There is no donative intent. Arguing that such a transaction is a “gift” is tax fraud. Furthermore, a gifting statement is an attempt to make an illegal action appear legal to the unsuspecting, a warning that the Federal Trade Commission used to have plain as day on their website.

    2. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

      Richard Ikura i see where you going but what about the word gift. It’s gifted to you. So look up federal law for gifting money to someone.

    3. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Antione Pyrtle That lack of products is one of the tell-tales of a “naked” pyramid scheme.

      Section 28 of the Michigan Franchise Investment Law (MCL 445.1501 et seq.) makes pyramids illegal in Michigan. The statute reads in part:

      [a] person may not offer or sell any form of participation in a pyramid or chain promotion. A pyramid or chain promotion is any plan or scheme or device by which (a) a participant gives a valuable consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation or things of value in return for inducing other persons to become participants in the program or (b) a participant is to receive compensation when a person introduced by the participant introduces one or more additional persons into participation in the plan, each of whom receives the same or similar right, privilege, license, chance, or opportunity.

      Essentially, a pyramid is a scheme in which participants receive compensation for recruiting other participants.

      Violations of Section 28 of the Michigan Franchise Investment Law are a felony, punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 or seven years in prison.

    4. http://Antione%20Pyrtle

      Richard Ikura only issue is it’s not selling any , goods, or products. It’s a free gift. You can gift 15000 a year and 1.5 million a lifetime

    5. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Antione Pyrtle Here is what one state AG has to say.
      A Pyramid or “PONZI” Scheme is an illegal way of making money using an endless stream of recruits or investors. Some Pyramid Schemes involve a product while others do not. In Arizona, a program is considered a Pyramid Scheme when participants earn more money from bringing others into the program than from the sale of goods, services or intangible property. Pyramid Schemes are successful because potential recruits are told they can make quick, easy money. In reality, it is almost mathematically impossible to make any money at all.

      This is how pyramid schemes work:

      New recruits typically pay a sum of money to enter the program. This individual is then urged to bring in additional recruits or investors, who in turn bring in more money.

      In theory, each recruit’s name eventually moves up to the top of the pyramid as new recruits are added to the bottom.

      Once a recruit reaches the top, he or she gets all or most of the money paid by newest recruits at the bottom.

      The only people who make money through these schemes are the ones who get in at the very beginning. The remainder or newest recruits will lose most or all they invested.

      Be extremely wary of any type of investment opportunity that sounds like a Pyramid Scheme. Anyone who starts, operates, advertises or promotes a Pyramid Scheme can be charged, either civilly or criminally, whether or not they actually earn monies from the program.

      For more information, or if you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please contact the Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix at (602) 542-5763; in Tucson at (520) 628-6504; or outside the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas at (800) 352-8431. Consumers can also file complaints online by visiting the Attorney General’s Web site at http://www.azag.gov.

  36. http://Delphine%20w.

    Thanks for the breakdown. Have a neighbor trying to “recruit” me into something like this. In theory it sounds good but only with people I’m close to and trust. Not with people that could vanish in 2 months or have the IRS at my door next year.

    1. http://PC-NATION

      Why would I give my money to other people. As far as I know if you put 400 a month in for 12 months you only get back 4000.00 the dealer gets 800…hmm sounds like people getting taken advantage of. We should learn to take care of ourselves. My Fiancée is Haitian and I told our family will not participate in bull like this

    2. http://It'sJust_%20Liz

      Wow. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    3. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Yeah definitely don’t do it!

  37. http://Ajala%20Joseph

    Myself and my family do this and it actually works

    1. http://PC-NATION

      @Rahma Mohamed your welcome if you need anything else let me k ow

    2. http://Rahma%20Mohamed

      @PC-NATION ok thanks better be safe than sorry so I rather get little but my money is safe thanks by the way.

    3. http://PC-NATION

      @Rahma Mohamed Dow Jones you can get into a stable market fund like Invesco you dont gain a ton but you never lose.

    4. http://Rahma%20Mohamed

      @PC-NATION tests good what market are you on if you dont mind me asking😊

    5. http://PC-NATION

      @Rahma Mohamed well if you are doing it with people you trust then go for it. For me..I do things a little different. Was able to save ton in 401k every 2 weeks in a stable market fund

  38. http://Cali%20Alcala

    Good video

  39. http://Ronnie%20Mack

    Nick…I saw this video about sou-sou operators. Some folks say that it is dying off due to real banking availability while some say it is still a foundation of how they save. I just thought it was interesting.

  40. http://Vida%20Lawson

    Yes do a blessing loom

    1. http://Xmn32

      Come where there’s a real one going on

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Be sure to subscribe. That video should be out Friday

  41. http://The%20Ga%20Girl

    I’ve been doing this for years…it’s helped me budget, save and no need to take any bank loans.. Just make sure that the people you do this with are RELIABLE. It’s all about trust and accountability

    1. http://Emily%20Wise

      @Da Wash23 I am thinking the same thing with possibly the same group.

    2. http://Valerie%20O

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money Here’s what you don’t understand. There is NO ONE at the top. The money is NEVER held anywhere. Each week, one person receives the money pool of $4000, reinvests $500 from the pool and the cycle continues. Yes, you ask two people (to gift into the program and that money goes to the person receiving the money pool that week). It truly is a rotation. If you can’t get two people you might not get the full amount.

    3. http://PC-NATION

      Why would I give my money to other people. As far as I know if you put 400 a month in for 12 months you only get back 4000.00 the dealer gets 800…hmm sounds like people getting taken advantage of. We should learn to take care of ourselves. My Fiancée is Haitian and I told our family will not participate in bull like this

    4. http://Kay%20Lopez

      @Da Wash23 your question wasnt answered.

    5. http://angel%20walker

      b w well idk who you depot with buy I know a legit one and you do get your 4K and most do it again

  42. http://G%20Washington

    Thank you. I’ve been seeing this going around a lot lately. I would like to hear more about the ponzi scheme portion.

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Look out for a video later this week! Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss it!

  43. http://Ronnie%20Mack

    God job with your video. Watch out for this guy Budget Bill; he is a passive supporter/promoter of the friends and family savings plan. I will give him credit for explaining how it works though.

    He blocked me from informing people about the scam on his video.

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Raphael Davis hi Raphael, please go to my channel. I have 2 other videos talking about the sou sou scam (blessing loom). They are in the pinned comment for this video as well.

    2. http://Raphael%20Davis

      So, I just learned about the sou sou thing and honestly I’m trying to understand where the scam is involved. He didn’t explain HOW it’s a scam…which was the reason I watched the video. In fact, the original way of doing the sou sou actually seemed more dangerous…what if Bob, being the first to get the 400, walks away with it all? The others 3 just lost $100…it seems like the other way of doing a sou sou would protect you because you’re no longer dependent on ‘Bob’. The ‘new’ way would consistently recycle itself every month once you have a group of 15 solid people that you trust. And isn’t that the point, it would ultimately add up to 15 ppl that YOU KNOW and TRUST. If one person falls out you just plug another person in. Seems like it makes sense to me. Perhaps I’m missing something. If so, please help me understand…

    3. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money I am subscribed and patiently waiting for the video. I know it’s going to be good.

    4. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Ronnie Mack be on the look out for my susu scam video tomorrow!

  44. http://urban%20cza

    Great video. Thank you for posting

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      No problem!

  45. http://Angela%20White

    Wow, thanks for making this video! My sister was approached about getting involved with one of these and I just couldn’t wrap my brain around how this could be sustainable so we did some research and found your video. You saved is both from getting involved in something that is straight up illegal.

    1. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money bingo, that’s the real answer

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Either way (whether or not you make your money back) it’s illegal and a scam. Video coming out Friday on it!

    3. http://Nicole%20G

      @Eugene Jackson It becomes a scam when you put in your $500 and bring in your 2 people but you still don’t get paid because the people under them didn’t recruit anymore people… so nobody gets paid unless you are able to keep finding people to recruit which is unlikely, but nobody tells you this when their trying to convince you that it isn’t a scam. I learned the hard way.

    4. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Eugene Jackson Did you see the economic disaster Jamaica had a year or two ago when the “blessing loom” hit the island? It was a nightmare.

    5. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Did you listen to the video! Real sou-sou is NOT a scam

  46. http://Suzette%20Cowan

    I would really appreciate a video on the blessing loom.

    1. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Xmn32 when you asked the people that are in it they all deflect or call people that disagree with them haters. I have yet to see anyone explain the process more than two levels in other than this one brother who goes by trintnm on Budget Bill’s first video on modern day sou-sou. Trintnm and I went at each other hard until we both settled down and showed respect for each other. He even said how he saw the point I was making and agreed with me.

      When you look at the basic principles of the operation the pyramid scheme should be easy to detect. Don’t trust what I post, work out the progressions for yourself and be true to the process. Count the number of total participants, the number of flowers and then divide the number of flowers by the total number of participants. That will give you your payout rate in percentage. Don’t count existing participants more than once unless they are entered as a fire in more than one flower. Remember, after each payout the flower or flowers have to split to allow systematic progression to the water position for all participants.

      Mathematical analysis is fun because it is based on facts and real process. Don’t let factless claims take you for a leaderless journey.

    2. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money yeah, I have been on a crusade to educate people about this scam. There are a lot of folks that cannot see beyond the advertised payout. It clouds their judgement and makes them vulnerable to scam artists.

    3. http://Xmn32

      Ask the people who are in it… let’s talk

    4. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      11:45 AM ET tomorrow – honestly you seem like you know why it’s a scam, but worth a watch anyway!

    5. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money I subscribed. Patiently waiting to watch.

  47. http://Jasper%20Zukaziki

    This is exactly what one of my family members believes is true. They just gave $500 thinking they’ll get 4k next month and keep getting 4k every month. Im going to send them this video and hopefully they’ll realize what a scam this is. Thanks for the nice simple explanation.

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      @Jasper Zukaziki Yup, that’s exactly why things like this are illegal

    2. http://Jasper%20Zukaziki

      Update on the situation with my family member. They didn’t listen to me and They ended up “gifting” 2k in the past 3 weeks and were just told their wasn’t enough money coming from their side of the flower and that they had to leave the group. But isn’t able to get the money back because it’s already been gifted. So they scammed her. But here’s the craziest part. After being scammed, my family member is now starting their own flower instead of just realizing that this doesn’t work.

    3. http://Jaywin%20904

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money If that’s the case then, if everything is left up to interpretation, Wall Street should be shut down.

    4. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Millennium that is why yours is legal! You have a set number of people. Whereas MOST of these other blessing loom scams require new members to invite 2 others to keep it going

    5. http://millenium%20cooks

      @Richard Ikura incorrect because the loom is not a business or a trade. That act applies to businesses. Plus the one i’m in… once your flower is full (15 people) you do not need to keep inviting people. However if you want more than one then you have tofull that flower up. Unlike pyramid schemes, you have to keep inviting people or else it falls apart. Whereas mine is not like that

  48. http://sue01234567890

    Can’t you just save $100 a month?

    1. http://QWENFRED

      Thank you for explaining. As a financial broker…i find this odd and rife with potential lawsuits. Money can break a family. Plus, where is and at what percentage is the compound intrest growth?
      Not getting a warm fuzzy

    2. http://Marcie%20White

      Why do you think the blessing suo suo is fake? I know people that received their 4k

    3. http://Twixx%20Latasha


    4. http://Daniel%20Trammell

      You could save money, but how many time you been told used OPM. That how the rich make money by level.

    5. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Yes absolutely! Personally I would go that route myself. But the sou-sou is great for someone who isn’t great at saving on their own and it is good if you need a lump sum fast (kind of like a loan like I described in the video). Thanks for the comment

  49. http://Sabrina%20Muchison

    Be sure you’re not putting out the wrong information because the way you explained how family and friends works isn’t correct. No wonder you hardly spoke about it.

    1. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Budget Bill by the way, people have said mean things to Nick and attacked his opinion of the sou-sou and the scan loom and he hasn’t gotten mad and blocked people. You see, that’s the difference between a man and a little boy. He stood behind his beliefs and never wavered. He defends his opinions with facts and not sarcasm. Strive to be more like Nick.

    2. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Budget Bill Bill you call asking you to be honest about your description and activities in the plan as attacking you. You mislead people and became agitated by me asking you to be honest.

      I found evidence of you talking about your success in the flowers scam in another YouTube video and sure enough the comment section in that video were closed within 24 hours.

      So let’s be very clear, you’re an advocate of this system and you cannot hide behind the sarcastic behavior. At every turn when someone calls this thing out for being a pyramid scheme you post a sarcastic comment. You are a willing participant in promoting and gaining proceeds from scamming people. I told you that if you were tired of my comments you could block me. I guess you don’t like being challenged on your honesty. If I was so wrong, unblock my comments for the world to see. Also, ask Tawanda Baker to unblock mine as well so everyone can see all of your dishonesty. If neither of my last two requests are fulfilled, let it be known that you are simply a dishonest person.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Ronnie Mack  and @Radda. Let’s be clear. I blocked Ronnie Mack from posting after he kept attacking me. I asked you nicely several times to have respect. You violated and you suggested I mute all my comments. Well…

    4. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Simone Higginson thanks. I’m please to see you taking up the fight to help educate. There aren’t enough of us willing to stand on principle and shed a true light on this menace in our society.

    5. http://Simone%20Higginson

      @Ronnie Mack Well said Ronnie

  50. http://Vernes%20Junk%20Closet

    I do Su Su or Sou Sou videos but I want people to be informed & NOT get scammed. Love ~Light💚💚

    1. http://Chris%20Allen

      Vernes Junk Closet how is it a scam?

  51. http://Vernes%20Junk%20Closet

    Yes Nick please do a video on the Blessing Loom or scam.thank you. Love ~Light💚💚

  52. http://Vernes%20Junk%20Closet

    Hello Nick- hru thank you for this video. I do videos of the same kind. Love ~Light💚💚

    1. http://Ronnie%20Mack

      @Budget Bill and now we have Budget Bill here. So do you agree with this guy saying the blessing looms and friends and family savings plan being a scam?

      By the way, you can’t block my comments here. I saved enough people that watched you basically promote the modern day sou-sou scam in your video.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Same here Vernes. Good stuff here!

  53. http://sweedish%20groove


    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      I meant to say Obviously Eddie Cam never even watched the video nor read the title.

    2. http://sweedish%20groove


    3. http://sweedish%20groove


    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      Sweedish Groove forgot to read your thumbnail. Oops!

    5. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Yeah haha, his inability to form coherent thoughts is pretty funny. Thanks for the comment

  54. http://Emily%20Elyshevitz

    Could you please do a video on the Friends and Family Share. It is the one that is using the elements: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. Thank you for making this video. Very helpful.

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Don’t do it! Watch my most recent video on how this scheme is illegal! Anytime you have to recruit people it is a pyramid scheme

    2. http://Seana%20Jackson

      @Brynisha Tolliver A friend of mine whom I trust immensely just asked me to join. My only problem is trying to find 2 people who aren’t skeptical.

    3. http://Xmn32

      @Brynisha TolliverIm in a few… let’s network

    4. http://Emily%20Elyshevitz

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money Done! Thank you.

    5. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      Will do Emily! Subscribe and look out for it later this week

  55. http://Kidale%20Smith

    Do one on the blessing loop

    1. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      alright, i think i might have to!

  56. http://Ronnie%20Mack

    @Patricia Hammond see my above comment to Toni.

  57. http://Ronnie%20Mack

    @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money thank you Nick

    Here is a model of the numbers related to the progress of a blessing loom. I receive this link from a guy named James Travis.

  58. http://shalisha%20epps

    I’m in a great one!

    1. http://Eugene%20Jackson

      @Shakiya yes we recruiting people every week I got two of them so far I feel sorry for the people who don’t believe it’s real

    2. http://Shakiya

      Eugene Jackson do you need to recruit people in yours? I’m looking to join another

    3. http://Eugene%20Jackson

      Right me too $5000 a month and loving every bit of it

    4. http://Vernes%20Junk%20Closet

      Yes I inform people about choosing people that are honest & someone you know. Don’t join a group that you are not familiar with. Love ~Light💚💚

    5. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      That is great!

  59. http://Investing%20Sensei

    Interesting I didn’t know about SuSu lol

    1. http://J%20Perri

      I do It is amazing

  60. http://Budget%20Bill

    Hey Nick. Good content as usual. Let’s keep growing together.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      @Nick Benedetto – Millennial Talking Money Hey, it gained traction. Congrats! Next one coming soon?

    2. http://Nick%20Benedetto%20-%20Millennial%20Talking%20Money

      👍👍👍 you as well Bill!

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