The Modern-Day SouSou: Community Economics and Financial Growth | Carl Joseph-Black | TEDxFlatbush

“If you don’t know how to save, you should at least join a sou-sou”! This lesson from his childhood has stuck with Carl, a Flatbush native on a mission to deliver financial literacy and empowerment to those who need it most as, “The Sou-Sou Man”. In this talk, he is saving communities one economic plan at a time! Carl Joseph-Black is a Law Student at the City University of New York School of Law and the Founder of, a website dedicated to increasing the wealth of young black millennials by sharing insights on Capital Markets and Wealth Management that’s as easy to learn as a Drake verse. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2011 he began his career at JPMorgan. Through his work, he found the need for financial literacy and empowerment among minority communities. This inspired him to create #RaisingBenjamin. He’s a life-long Brooklynite who currently works as an Associate at SEB Group in their Securities Division. During his spare time, he likes to sip Kombucha while reading the Wall Street Journal and advises local businesses on strategy. If he isn’t doing those things he’s probably watering his plants or listening to Drake somewhere. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at