What is a SuSu (Sou-Sou) & How Does It Work | Family Sharing = $4,000 Education 

What is a SuSu (Sou-Sou) & How Does It Work | Family Sharing = $4,000

What is a SuSu? Is SuSu good for you? Known as Sou-Sou. Modern Day SouSou. Friends and Family Money Share.

Hello everyone! I decided to make a video explaining how the modern day SuSu (Sou-Sou) Family and Friends Sharing Plan works. Be sure to watch the different ways I use to explain how it actually works. Hope the video makes sense. You can always ask questions in the comment section.
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0:35 History
3:00 Explanation One
5:49 Explanation Two

⚠️⚠️⚠️DISCLAIMER: ⚠️⚠️⚠️
I created this video STRICTLY to show how the modern day SuSu works. This took a great length of time on research and creating material for this video. I am not soliciting nor am I encouraging ANYONE to participate in one of these.


I am not a financial adviser. I only express my opinion based on my experience. Your experience may be different. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes ONLY. Investing of any kind always involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research before making a decision. There is no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.


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1,792 thoughts on “What is a SuSu (Sou-Sou) & How Does It Work | Family Sharing = $4,000

  1. http://Budget%20Bill

    🚨 Hello ALL. I posted a new video TODAY specifically around How The Split Works. Be sure to check it out.

    1. http://Tasha%20Allen

      joined sou sou group, members post sou sou returns in our private group and so far returns are being received after exactly four weeks,,, #blessings

    2. http://Marta%20Rivera-Neal

      @Rasheena Perry that’s my concern I would like to stay locked in and not spilt. Do you have an answer to that? I want to know before I go in.

    3. http://monique%20ozier

      No this still doesn’t make sense to me because the person who was in the fire level with you when do they move and then the to people who come in as you move to the air level how do they move through the rotation? It still sounds like a revised Pyramid Savings.

    4. http://Veronica%20Guy

      Birch Damon Lnlb

    5. http://Tim%20Hamilton

      @Unity Freer if your serious about joining I have room for you to grow on mine

  2. http://Work%20at%20Home%20Boss

    http://www.ujammaclub.net sends out automated emails so you don’t have to and also teaches you how to get 2 people before you join. the great thing about it is if you cant find two people they already have people waiting to get in so your flower can fill very fast.

  3. http://Karen%20Callahan

    Is this a scam

  4. http://Richy%20Rich

    This is the DEFINITION of a Ponzi Scheme. Dangerous and ILLEGAL.

  5. http://Marta%20Rivera-Neal

    Hello when you say the flower splits up in half. Do we have to bring in 2 people again? Can we stay locked in and not have to keep bringing 2 people in?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      If your a part of a flower, it splits every week for the ppl in the EARTH position. Then they create their own flower

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Don’t forget EACH person is required to get 2 ppl. So even after “Your Flower” is completed and locked, someone else below needs to accomplish that as well.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      I actually made a separate video of how the split works. Check it out.

    4. http://Marta%20Rivera-Neal

      @Otis Pettus so after the spilt do we have to start over to bring 2 people in again? Can we stay locked in? Not spilting? I get confused on the spilt part. lart

    5. http://Otis%20Pettus

      Flower splits after you gather your 14 people!

  6. http://Nuggetsof%20Satisfaction

    So many people are saying this is a Scam or Pyramid. This is why there is ALWAYS room at the Top. The competition to gain Wealth is nonexistent. Thank you! To all the naysayers, don’t be jealous of those who succeed because they were willing to open their mind, Learn something new, plan and prepare to utilize a source that’s proven to work, when you work. Otherwise, keep trading dollars for hours and stress for blessed.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      trading dollars for hours. LOVE IT ❤️

  7. http://Percy%20White

    Sounds to good to be true it probably is.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Percy White agreed

  8. http://G%20Man

    Hope no one falls for this reimagined pyramid scheme… Any scheme that relies on bringing people in with no product IS a pyramid scheme no matter what nature terms are used. Steer well clear folks it will all end in tears trust me.

    1. http://G%20Man

      @Budget Bill not read any comments. Got some family members falling for this circular pyramid scheme so topic is close to home for me. It’s simple maths that schemes like this will always fail and people will get burnt as new joiners run out and the whole pack of cards will collapse.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +G Man 😳 hope you didn’t read the other comments.

  9. http://Jacqueline%20Chong

    They tried that in the 80s and a lot if people lost their money because they couldn’t get their 2 person’s. Jamaican susu is you have like 10 trusted person’s who put like 200 a week and every week someone get 2000. You guys are talking about the Pyramid just a diffrent name.

  10. http://klove112

    This is so much easier then people think, I receive my full payout 3 Friday’s a month because im in 3 spots. we have a few spots available in my group if anyone is interested and I can show you how to prosper.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      That’s refreshing

  11. http://Cordell%20Washington

    I’m most definitely finna work my behind off 2get this GOING… Starting Friday 🙌🏽💵‼️…I just hope I can convince some close family & friends 2join🙏🏽🤞🏽…

  12. http://Reggie’s%20LiveTV%20Service

    If I am wanting to start my own Flower how do I begin?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Not sure of that my man.

  13. http://Antonio%20Linney

    You need to know and trust who you are bringing in

  14. http://Be%20Best

    Even if it works Is it legal? Not looking for probs with the irs or state regulations…

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      You can be gifted 15,000 dollars every physical year by an individual person. People with money already know you should come talk to us.

  15. http://Kameesha%20Mcbride

    I was informed that when all 15 people reach their individual 15 people each. This creates a full fulfilled garden that can keep paying out all 225 people without adding any additional people. Is this true?

    1. http://Kameesha%20Mcbride

      Budget Bill That’s the part that confuses me. If the 225 fills the garden completely. If the scenario is they are only seeking to get 225. Then why would you keep adding people that next week?
      It just seems never ending. There are people who have trouble adding 2 people. So my real question is can you stop adding at 225? I understand that the people entering are supposed add 2 more. But what if they don’t need to because they complete the garden.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Yes for those specific 225 ppl. However, what about the other ones coming in that week? Doesn’t guarantee them.

  16. http://Anthony%20Marshall

    When you start the susu for the very first time and the water is gifted which flower does the water that was gifted go to as fire.

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      Someone who’s 3 spots under them. It’s regifting.

  17. http://Corey%20Johnson

    have 2 spots available. pm me if you’re interested! (serious inquires only)

  18. http://Uno%20Solo

    I had a friend that was married to a Korean. They were doing this system in the mid 90’s. To each its own….If it sounds to good to be true, it ain’t!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Voice of reason!

  19. http://Financially%20Happier

    This is a Ponzi scheme and never ends. It will collapse and people won’t get their investment back… don’t do it

  20. http://MremboOne

    With all due respect, we have to stop these scams in our communities. Here’s why 👇🏿

  21. http://Cjax%20_

    Really works can’t be scared lmk if you want to join will explain in detail over text

  22. http://Michelle%20Walker

    I am looking for two people to join my group, it be worth it in the long road.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  23. http://ISATOU%20CONTEH

    Does anyone know if this money is going to be taxed at the end of the year ?

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      You can be given 15,000 from one person every without paying taxes. We give out gifting letters at the end of each year.

  24. http://Javaris%20Allen

    Kyrie Smith 25yrs

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Disney 96yrs

  25. http://Shauntia%20Allen

    Shirley Turner 40yrs

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Nike 56yrs

  26. http://Recondo%20Russell

    Roger Miller 37yrs

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Microsoft 45yrs

  27. http://DaMara%20Kemp

    How do you start it off? How does the money collect? I only see where it is already started. I want to start my own.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Not familiar with starting your own. But if you do, the money is with you as the beginner

  28. http://Luxury%20Doll

    Each to its own someone call me and ask if I wanted to goin not understanding the person reason they just wanted to get as many people so they can get pay out I never received my money I was just trying it for all fun and games personal experience be very careful you will not get rich trying to steal for people what goes up must come down beware

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Stocks have been going up over 40% since the Rona cripples our economy. Lots of people have made millions buying the huge dip. At some point, those stocks will pull back and some ppl will get stuck. But until then, ppl are making money w/ stocks. Ride the wave until it fizzles.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Yep. Just like stocks.

  29. http://Cassie%20Dolce

    I’m in one right now hit me up if you would obe to join we’re doing very well right now ! My family and i

    1. http://Kara%20Lee

      How much is your family committing?

  30. http://yawdgurl%20TashaMac

    Good job with the presentation, people been trying to get me to join for months ,now I finally understand….tnk you

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Wow. Comments like that make my day. Thanks for the support 👊🏽.

  31. http://Corey%20Snelling

    I have two flowers now it’s a beautiful thing to do

  32. http://THE%20MULICHE%20EMPIRE


  33. http://Darlene%20Houston

    What happens if a person drops out or off?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Darlene Houston they walk away

  34. http://Andre%20Silva

    A true Sou-sou and legal Sou-sou consists of 15 people (friends and family). Why 15 people? because if earnings go above $1,500, then the group is required to pay taxes, anything below $1,500 is known as a ‘gift’. How to know the Sou-Sou is real: You cannot join the group unless you have two people ready to join beforehand (money in the hand). Everyone puts $500 in the group. So if you put $500 on Thursday, then you get $4,000 four weeks from that Thursday, the following Thursday from which you joined, your two people will join with their $500. Once the group maxes at 15 people, there is no need to recruit new people. Once you receive your $4,000 four weeks later, you re-invest the $500 into the same group. A scam Sou-Sou would have more than 15 people in it and the group would never close. In my opinion, you did not do enough research and you’re telling people incorrect information that may lead them to miss out on a great opportunity.

  35. http://Wendy%20Samuels

    How do you start a brand new one? How many people are needed? If you don’t have an existing loom to join, how do you start your own? I have a pretty large family, can I keep it within my family?
    Thank you.

    1. http://Anthony%20Marshall

      Okay but who the very first water regift

    2. http://Michael%20Lewis

      16 people to start your own.

  36. http://Low1979%20Whocares


  37. http://Dave%20Bourne

    So you just borrow money and pay it back over time. The only difference between a susu and a bank loan is that you pay back the money over time without interest. So tell me what so special about it. Plus tell me how is a susu beneficial to a person who is debt free and has the expendable cash that requires them not to need the money offered in a susu.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      No benefit for you.

  38. http://Crystal%20Dezjae

    hi all, i def. was a skeptic but i’m seeing results. if you are serious & would like to be apart of a moving community let me know

  39. http://Betty%20Anglade

    Haitian people is doing it at work with a group of co-workers, thats how they buy houses and nice car, it works but be very careful some of them are scammers also
    So stop buying food instead cook food at home you can save a lot
    I have a mention house , Susu is a good investment.

  40. http://Cheryl%20St.Hilaire

    How do you add your friends to the flower for them to see

  41. http://Tracey%20Ann%20Miller

    I have been doing this for years in jamaica

    1. http://VICTOYA

      Yep. Its called a patna

    2. http://kingjay%20876

      Right Partner/pawdnah I’m skeptical about this though

    3. http://Reggie’s%20LiveTV%20Service

      Tracey Ann Miller can you explain more? coachreggie194@gmail.com?

  42. http://Chelly%20Chel

    who starts the flower and how?

  43. http://Tania%20Harvey

    What if you don’t get any one to sing up

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      If you signup with Mary Kay and never make a sale…

  44. http://Mrs.%20Moss

    The traditional su su is not like this. We do not do it like this in the Caribbean. Also, we do not require a $500 payment. Su su’s can start as low as $50. Furthermore, we don’t have to find 2 or 8 persons in order to be paid. What happens if persons don’t pay? What happens if someone pays the $500, but can’t get 2 persons to join? Is the $500 refundable? You’re basically giving water $500 hoping that the fires etc keeps paying.

    1. http://Mrs.%20Moss

      @Budget Bill That’s just it. The traditional su su, which we do in the Caribbean doesn’t have as much risk as this, and we don’t have to pay $500 or recruit 2 people and have them recruit and so on to get paid. There’s too much questions with this style.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Mrs. Moss it’s called Risk. Similar to football pot.

  45. http://StudioNugget

    Ok, but doesn’t the sou-sou stop working if you can’t find more people to join? Would you not eventually run out of people to keep adding in? Like how a pyramid scheme can’t mathematically go past a certain level.

  46. http://M%20Hy

    This is not a new concept. Hispanics have been doing this for decades in California. That’s how they have have come up so quickly. But will AA people trust each other to make this happen? There HAS to be TRUST among people to do this.

  47. http://E%20Jay89

    Great concept. How many people are needed in one group to stop recruiting two people?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +E Jay89 unlimited

  48. http://MusicofRichard

    yeah.. this is a pyramid scheme.

  49. http://Vivian%20Feggans

    Great presentation!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Vivian Feggans thank you and thanks for support 👊🏽

  50. http://Forthe%20Good

    How does one start a Susu? I start it, and get two people, they get their two it’s 6 people all starting in Fire position. Where does the additional 2 come from, to get it started?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Forthe Good each person has to get 2 ppl

  51. http://Mr%20M8ENT

    This does work and it’s changing my life. I started on the $25 board for more information you can email me at m8000entertainment.

  52. http://Africa

    Please if this is not done exactly like SuSu then please tainting the name SuSu with this because based on the explanation this thing can get complicated real fast and tell you what? SuSu is not complicated and everyone gets their money back in time based on schedule. This scenario is not SuSu. We the SuSu lovers are against this.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      As explained in the video. This is referred to Modern Day SuSu. I didn’t make this up. I didn’t create it.

  53. http://Africa

    The right spelling is SuSu.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      The title has both spellings.

  54. http://Africa

    It’s a scheme. I have someone blowing up my phone now to join. Original SuSu which is not a scheme.

    1. http://Africa

      @Budget Bill I see

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Well. This thing is going around a lot. So they are most likely referring to it. Very popular in community regardless of the legality around the subject. #reality

    3. http://Africa

      @Budget Bill No you’re good. I’m only wondering how the person that sent me this video is blowing up my phone.

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      I hope you don’t suggest I remove this video. Haha

  55. http://jahi%20salaam

    Hey y’all… My Auntie is joining a sou sou group today, I’m going to come in behind her this upcoming Sunday. If anybody wants to join our group, you can reach my Auntie Anika at 5045646624. I wish everybody good luck lol wish us luck too… For everybody saying it’s a ” scam “, nobody’s forcing anybody to join or misleading anybody… My family broke it down to us clearly; as long as everybody brings 2 people in, the money will come in… I understand the risk and I feel the reward is more than worth it ( $500 for $3500 ). There’s people blowing way more than $500 straight up gambling, shooting dice or going to the casino… Even if I do lose some money, I’d rather lose it to one of my people than lose it to some big corporation… Peace, love, and blessings everybody…

  56. http://DJ%20Mystro%20Styles%20The%20Scientist

    I’m a little confused on the process of getting the pay you said once a person joins that money goes directly to the person in the water position and that’s how you receive the 4grand. That would mean 14 people would be joining at the same time. Scratching my head on this one

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +DJ Mystro Styles The Scientist all 14 ppl don’t pay one person. Have to watch video again.
      ONLY FIRES pay WATER position. Every week

  57. http://Ibrahim%20Abubakr

    How much money does the person who originates the group receive? I’ve seen the original susu and understand how it works. It’s a perfectly legal savings plan that only gives you what you put in. This modified or “modern” version leaves me with the one above question.

    1. http://Ibrahim%20Abubakr

      @Budget Bill Sooo… You made a whole YouTube vid explaining how this works but you can’t explain how much money the person who starts this makes?
      Ok, let me be more specific… If Joe starts the loom and sets the “gift” price at $100. How much will he receive when the loom is complete and who all pays him?

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Not sure on that.

  58. http://Eternal%20Seeding

    Trust me it really works! I have people who received their payout within 4 days. You will receive an online back office to help you keep track of things. If you are serious, I can get your started ASAP!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Heyyy Eternal Seed. I like your videos on your channel.

  59. http://KB%20Poetry

    Great Job Simplifying the process👍🏽👍🏽

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Awesome. Thank you!

  60. http://Brianna%20Carolina

    You guys it’s more simple than this video is showing. SOW your $500…count 21 days away and then boom that’s when you get your $4000. Keep in mind that after you sow; you must bring on two people the following week. Also keep in mind that once you get your HARVEST ($4000) that same $500 you sowed goes back into the group EVERYTIME YOU GET YOUR “HARVEST”. This is how you create “residual income”!! Every 21 days you’ll be making an extra $3.5k a month!! It’s simple

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      That’s another simple way to look at it for sure.

    2. http://Brianna%20Carolina

      Eternal Seed thanks! No I haven’t heard of it…point me in the right direction please 😃

    3. http://Eternal%20Seeding

      Nice! You make sound super simple. Have you looked into the online version of this?Same concept but moves much quicker and you can start with a minimum $25 donation for a $200 payout.

  61. http://Brianna%20Carolina

    Some say it’s hard to find people…try this method. You will only put someone on who you know will do what is right, trustworthy etc right? Well this is how we’ve been doing it… find your two people…say someone doesn’t have the money upfront….front/loan/spot them the $500 to get started…when they get their money they pay you your money back and put their portion back into the group. If everyone LOOKS OUT for one another THIS WAY 👈🏽 it won’t be hard at all “finding people” ☺️ it’s such a great opportunity; I hope this helps someone

  62. http://Juanita%20Moss

    Who do you trust with your $500; plus which two people do you know is trustworthy enough to NOT quit at the end of the rainbow? Definition of Ponzi schemes – investors give money to a portfolio manager. Then, when they want their money back, they are paid out with the incoming funds contributed by later investors. With a pyramid scheme, the initial schemer recruits other investors who in turn recruit other investors and so on.

  63. http://Forthe%20Good

    I would feel a little more secure with a a holding tank.

    1. http://Forthe%20Good

      @Budget Bill I forgot to thank you Budget Bill for taking the time to do the video, it was very good. I wanted to add, also my biggest concern is someone agreeing and when it comes time for the payout some crisis could happen to one or two participants and he/she is unable to stick to their agreement? Hence, I have already given my $500.00 to the person who was in position #1.

    2. http://Forthe%20Good

      @Budget Bill Yeah, I agree but not everyone’s a Bernie. Since we are all people who “trust” one another the group can agree on the one who will hold the money. I just did something similar with a group of about 10 people and held the money for a weight loss competition and it worked out very well. It has to be someone the group trusts. Particularly someone who they know is accountable. I was that person. I would hold the money in my paypal account.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Bernie Madoff was the one holding everyone’s money. Do you remember what happened in that situation?

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      Actually that would be the worst as they could run off with ALL THE MONEY. think again

  64. http://Jacara%20M

    Hello, our group has slot available if anyone is serious. Thanks!

    1. http://Jacara%20M

      Budget Bill Right! Lol!

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      I think everyone has slots….

  65. http://Latoya%20Anderson

    Hello I’m looking for some people who are interested to join my flower. Anyone interested in joining???

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  66. http://Shan%20Shan's%20Enlightment

    I want some people right now.. hellppp

  67. http://Kimani%20the%20Incredible

    In Jamaica they call it a partner . One banker every one gets paid till it’s done .

    1. http://Kimani%20the%20Incredible

      Budget Bill I meant the concept

    2. http://Kimani%20the%20Incredible

      Budget Bill I see

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      This one is different…

  68. http://Curtdog%207117

    It was a great job done explaining this but one thing is lacking. It was not mentioned in your popular questions asked nor was it addressed on your presentation. What happens if someone drops out of the fire positions after you have reached the earth or air position?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Curtdog 7117 nothing happens. Replace them.

  69. http://Ldet%20Tecle

    It looks like pyramid. Scam .

  70. http://Robert%20Robinson

    It also looks like a pyramid….

  71. http://Bruce%20L.

    Let me break this down for you people thinking of doing this. He’s saying if you invest $5,000 on an annual basis you will receive $40,000 per year. Where they do that at? Half of yall would never need to go to work if that was possible. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. BUYER. BEWARE!!!!!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Well he obviously didn’t understand the video. Perhaps he should watch again.

  72. http://Bruce%20L.

    THIS. IS. A. PYRAMID SCHEME!!!! This guy (Budget Bill) admits in the commits to DaShawn Matias that this is not a SouSou. Go ahead and scroll to the conversation. He basically admits its a ponzi scheme.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Mr Brucey. DON’T LIE! I said that this was called the Modern Day Sou-Sou. Perhaps you scroll to the conversation and read again.

  73. http://Jackie%20C

    @ajharris I am in a group in TN( Evergreen).

  74. http://Anastasia%20Conde


  75. http://Anastasia%20Conde


    1. http://Um%20Qasim

      If you want to join another one and want another hand in,let me.know

  76. http://David%20Skato

    I have a gold mine in Africa to sell to anyone that participate in this craziness. 😂😂😂😂

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Now I’m interested in that Africa gold mine. How can I join that ❓

  77. http://Michael%20W.

    Best explanation yet!


    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Awesome and thanks for the support!!! 👊🏽

  78. http://Leonardo%20D

    I have a fully-functional sou sou, if you’re SERIOUS and would like to join, hmu on instagram @ leotheartist_
    If you’re not ready to invest in yourself or plan on leaving as soon as you’re time comes to invest your money into the flower, don’t bother hmu. I have no time to play with others’ money nor scam. Let me know!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  79. http://ob2be1

    I’m having trouble understanding if you have 3 people in the earth position and they all have people under them that gets their 2 people how is it decided who goes to the water position? And what if the person under can’t get 2 people, are you stuck on that level until there are more people found??

    1. http://Claudia%20Tallbeauty

      Its only 2 in the earth. 1bin the water. Next week. The 2 earths become 2 waters on 2 different flowers.

    2. http://Jason%20Williams

      Yes. You depend on the people below you recruit. So when you get the pay out after 4 rounds they will be people you don’t really know and are removed from you 4times

  80. http://Nanama%20Keita

    Just another modified pyramid scheme. What happens if one invests $500, but the person is unable to recruit another person to join?

  81. http://The%20Life%20And%20Times%20of%20A.Carter

    Two anybody who may be interested, I have two spots open for next week and the week after.

    1. http://The%20Life%20And%20Times%20of%20A.Carter

      @Budget Bill funny part is, I had one that I had to wait like three weeks to get into and I was like that’s too long, I need to see the money at a certain time. Then Boom! I found one for the very next week. I’m now looking for the person who didn’t want to wait like me.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Everyone has 2 spots open. #StrangerDanger

  82. http://iamtracileee

    Been a part of one for over a year and it definitely works. Not everyone doing this has good intentions so be careful who you get involved with and everything is not a scam either.

    1. http://ChrisA%201906

      Best comment

    2. http://Budget%20Bill


  83. http://Kurtz%20Griffin

    This is a scam that has been going around for over twenty years!

  84. http://Sebastian%20Smith

    Is anyone down to become a fire asap?

    1. http://Sebastian%20Smith

      Just been having a hard time finding ppl and seems like ppl here want to do it

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  85. http://Sebastian%20Smith

    I need some fires this week if anyone has the money right now and k now others who can do this hit me up and I’ll send my number

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  86. http://Carolyn%20Stewart

    How does the person that is initially in the water position get paid the 1st week

    1. http://Carolyn%20Stewart

      I’m trying to figure out where the money will come from to pay the person in the water position initially. Then how is it that when I bring in 2 ppl on a Sunday both of them can’t be eligible for a pay out in 4 sundays

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      That question doesn’t make sense.

  87. http://Adrienne%20Kennedy

    This is not the true sou-sou. There are two factors missing which makes this banking system risky.ijs

    1. http://Otis%20Pettus

      Email me at otis.pettus@gmail.com and I’ll explain

  88. http://20GWU20

    Can someone please confirm the correct spelling….is it susu or sou-sou?

    1. http://Africa

      @Budget Bill It’s SuSu rather…original word is from Ghana. Unless our Akan Brothers/Sisters try to spell it in French then it will be otherwise. SSu is Akan word.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill


  89. http://Noel%20Ivester

    Bro, 6:38 is literally a pyramid you scammer

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      Noel Ivester we’re not your brother’s and sisters, research.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Noel Ivester oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know explaining something would be considered as scamming ppl. So for all the ppl that stated (in comments) that they are doing it; would that mean they are scamming me❓#curious

    3. http://Noel%20Ivester

      @Budget Bill no, but you’re scamming my brothers and sisters.

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      Ouch. Did I scam you❓.

  90. http://Noel%20Ivester

    It’s a pyramid scheme, foh

  91. http://Deanna%20love

    1. If you are considering joining a share group or whatever people are calling it watch out for scams.

    2. Do not let someone pressure you into joining

    3. Do your RESEARCH!

    4. Have your two people before joining and make sure they understand fully what is expected of them

    There are real share groups, just like there are real scams, just have to find the real ones.
    I hope you guys do well out here and be safe.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      There are a lot of scams in this comment thread. Anyone asking strangers to join their group on here is MORE LIKELY A SCAM.

  92. http://Gwen%20Gageham

    Is this a pyramid

  93. http://Devon%20Lee

    In a perfect world, this will work.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      In a perfect world, EVERYTHING works!!! Right?

  94. http://Learning%20Through%20Experiences

    Good morning, can someone please tell me if I have a full flower, how do we rotate so everyone gets a payout because if the flower splits, it’ll move us again correct? We have many people but sort of confused.

    1. http://Learning%20Through%20Experiences

      @Budget Bill I understand it continues to grow but I started in the water position and eight people came in and paid me, should my two people already be in the earth position and everyone else fall into the air and fire since we have all 15 plus people already, please let me know, thank you

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Must watch video again. It continues to grow

  95. http://Slayer881014

    How many people do you need in total before you don’t have to find any more people for everybody to get residual income

    1. http://Slayer881014

      @Budget Bill meaning?

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      That’s an open ended question

  96. http://Denesem%20Ma

    This is not sou sou..this is a pyramid scheme…note I did not say scam…but not a sou sou

  97. http://Tonya%20Vann

    Thanks for the info! Someone sent me this one which has an online virtual back office and it’s only $25 to join and you work your way to higher levels so very low risk: https://www.giftclubsou.com/

  98. http://chevette%20mcclam

    Pyramid 🤣. Not a Sou Sou. Each person don’t have to get 2 ppl in a Sou Sou

  99. http://M%20Jae

    How is this not a pyramid scheme?

  100. http://MSB

    I’ve put money in to several of these. Ppl continue to mess it up. I would really love to have a conversation because I think Ive found a solution to the problems of crowdfunding slate468@gmail.com

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      #StrangerDanger 🛑❌

  101. http://ETHEL%20FOSTER

    What if someone has to drop out. What happens to the group?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Then they walk away.

  102. http://verdell%20jones

    People is not a SCAM a SCAM means it dont WORK and you dont get PAID this system WORKS but you have to find LIKE MINDED PEOPLE

    1. http://Mike%20Larry

      When movement stops the last ppl in get shitted

  103. http://Joy%20Lane

    I just joined one 2 weeks ago and am excited for my payout in a week, but more importantly, I’m excited about the possibilities–paying down debt, building wealth, helping my community, family and friends. It’s just so tough finding likeminded people to come on board with me. I am a part of a very trustworthy group–all about team, helping each other get their two people—no one is left out in the cold because they can’t find their 2. Not only that, but encouraging words are sent out daily and financial literacy offered as well. So, I”m grateful to be a part of this group. Everyone is getting their payouts on time. Thank God! This is truly a blessing. Still looking for my 2 people, but I know that the sou sou has my back if I don’t. If anyone is looking to join a sousou, let me know.

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      Joy Lane any community gifting community will till you to wait until you get your two before you join. So you brought two people without all your people that’s unusual 🤔

    2. http://Joy%20Lane

      Because I also invited my parents because I wanted them to be blessed as well. For all my parents have done for me, I knew that they didnt have the money and they would have a hard time finding people. So I took on that for them. And I dont regret a thing. And my group are not all made up of family and friends encouraged it and are rallying all together to get me the last people needed for them to “eat” and experience “overflow.” And what a wonderful feeling that is. Hope that explains why I still need 2. It’s not just about me and my payout and I got my 2 people, it’s about we and our payouts…and we are all truly working together in this.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      If you joined 2 weeks ago, why do you still need your 2 ppl.

  104. http://Latoya%20Moore

    I’m in 2 of these circles right now- in 2 different groups. They’re $100 circles for $800 payout. The groups are out of control and hard to manage. In one of my groups- one admin is suspected of fraud. The other group revamped their system and shows more potential to get back on track. The problem besides possible fraud is that in circles that require small amounts like $100 for fires- those small circles attract too many people and split too frequently- then there aren’t enough other fires to keep the process going. In a “perfect circle” the people who were blessed in the water system would automatically come back in as a fire and re bless other circles. Those circles split and split and that’s when the chaos happens. I don’t recommend this to anyone. I consider my $200 a lost. I’m just holding out hope for my 2nd circle to maybe produce a $400 payout. (They’ve changed it from being an $800 payout to a $400 payout. We weren’t getting enough fires and they want to condense our circles and pay everyone _something_ before starting all over. *See how complicated that got?*)
    The smaller the entry (fire) the more quickly chaotic this becomes- period!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill


  105. http://NoahF

    are you making 3500 profit every month from this?

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      Every 21 days. However you have to know people who are doing well in life lol. Money is touchy to those who have little.

  106. http://Pretty%20Accountant

    It’s a pyramid scheme because you need new investors to payout the old.

    1. http://Claudia%20Tallbeauty

      A pyramid is when there is someone at the top getting all the money. Like a job where the newly hired will never get paid the same. This dynamic, everyone will get the same payout within a month. As long as when you get your payout you put 500 back, the rotation continues.

  107. http://ITZYAGURL

    My family has always been apart of susu’s (or sousou’s) but we’re trying out this particular one. However a question that has me and some of my family members scratching our heads is what would happen to the person at the very top on week 5?

    1. http://Anthony%20Marshall

      When you start the su su for the very first time and the water is gifted, which flower does the water that was gifted go to as fire?

    2. http://The%20Kinky%20Curl

      @ITZYAGURL when you make it to the top you don’t pay anything. You receive your payout. The following week, when the cycle starts again for them, is when they pay again. It rotates each week so each person has a chance to be at the top position.

    3. http://ITZYAGURL

      Anastasia Conde who’s the person at the VERRRRRYYYY top giving the money to?

    4. http://Claudia%20Tallbeauty

      @ITZYAGURL it rotate. Every 5 week, you are paying the same person again

    5. http://Anastasia%20Conde

      @ITZYAGURL they will have to “regift” to continue to receive. the same pplz that give you money is the same pplz that you will be regifting to. its really good I got my mom and brother into it too….

  108. http://TheQueenrevolution

    A susu is a closed savi gs group and this is not that.

  109. http://Adama%20Bangura

    This’s not sou sou… sou sou is a commitments by a group of ppl to contribute money monthly or bi-weekly not looking for someone to join. This’s bullshit

    1. http://Budget%20Bill


  110. http://Toby%20Fox

    Excellent job! Thanks. Kiss.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thank you! Thanks for the support! 👊🏽

  111. http://Glittery%20Bubblez

    I think that this would be more successful if you make the contributions a little smaller. Asking someone for $20 is easier than $500, especially during COVID. The pay out may not be as much, but the people will have an easier time recruiting people, and not dropping out.

    1. http://Grown%20Man

      No asking here! But just know that there are options 👍🏾

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Glittery Bubblez I’ve seen some that ask for $100. And I’ve seen some ask for $1,400.

  112. http://Belle%20Mensahn

    Will like to join but it’s hard to get people. I understand that the 2 people I’m bringing they supposed to bring 2 each, that make it difficult.

    1. http://Grown%20Man

      @The Sou-Sou Lady The free spot that you’ve paid for and that’s under you, does it have two people under it already or do those spots under it need to be filled?

    2. http://The%20Sou-Sou%20Lady

      If you can find two ppl I can give you a spot under me, I already paid the 500 so you can have it free

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Belle Mensahn I agree.

  113. http://Reel%20Lions

    If Ricky, Michael B, Ronnie, B.B.D, Jermaine, Marion, Tito, and Jackie can’t find 2 people each, they all lose $500. That organization chart resembles a pyramid to me. https://youtu.be/-OniT2JLsrg?t=534

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Hey. New Edition and the Jackson 5 have always been successful. I wouldn’t doubt them this time. Hahaha

  114. http://TAYSOFIT

    My group uses this method and it definitely works. I’m an in a group with 900+ people. I’ve Already have 2 payouts with this method and I am due for my next pay this weekend. I only had to find 2 people ONE time. As long as those 2 people stick with you, the payout is residual.

    1. http://Katrina%20Wimbush

      @Budget Bill 😅😅😅

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Let me hold $10

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Wow! 😳

  115. http://Blessed%20and%20Chosen%20Mime%20Ministry

    Let’s trust each other. Loan or give me the first $500 and I’ll find two people next week and if it works out I’ll send back the additional $500

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Blessed and Chosen Mime Ministry let’s get it

    2. http://Blessed%20and%20Chosen%20Mime%20Ministry

      Budget Bill if that’s the requirement then it’s a go for me.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Sounds like a plan. Do you accept Monopoly money?

  116. http://Dr.%20Mommy%20Budgets

    I need to see how you continue to regift the same person over and over. I really don’t understand how that will keep the process going. Can you explain that part?

    1. http://Dr.%20Mommy%20Budgets

      @Budget Bill yes i agree. and make sure you explain how the person at the water position goes through about 2 or 3 cycles of being in the water position.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      I think this question calls for another “explanatory” video.

  117. http://Alisha%20Chandler

    This opportunity has changed my families life! My husband and I bring in $14,000 a month together. We will be paying off two cars we’ve only had a year by the end of the year. We would have never been able to do that with our regular job. People who don’t see the concept are blind

    1. http://frnkjones40

      @Duplexe Duplessy Money doesnt. It’s the 8 people behind you that give you money. And those 8 will need the find 64 people and so on

    2. http://frnkjones40

      @Deanna love This video only explains a small part of what’s really happening

    3. http://christian%20thomas

      @frnkjones40 this country was made buy criminals cut it out.

    4. http://Deanna%20love

      @Duplexe Duplessy 🤨 Did you not watch the video? What needs to be explained?🤔

    5. http://Duplexe%20Duplessy

      I’m convince that the data that you share on this page is biased but so is the idea of everybody making money out of thin air or abusing others. Nothing in this world is free. Explain that to me. I’ll wait.

  118. http://Yvonne%20Anderson

    If the flower splits after the goal is matched,meaning everyone get a chance to receive their money,how is it that the people remain the same (names) at the fire level. If they are starting all over,It seems as the individuals would go to a different flowers. This is what cause me to be confused.

    1. http://Um%20Qasim

      @frnkjones40 that’s because ur counting unique people and not regifters…so thats where ur math is off…

      Also, why are you yelling?

    2. http://Slayer881014

      @frnkjones40 but it’s not meant to last forever

    3. http://T%20V%20J%20Johnson

      frnkjones40 it’s actually very very successful

    4. http://frnkjones40

      @Budget Bill I’ll say it again BEEN THERE AND I’M DONE WITH THAT. People don’t understand EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. 512 people in Fire requires 4096 people/gifts to get them out of the Water position and 32,768 to get those people paid. Even with some going back you just can’t accommodate that many people. You can’t get rid of the 8:1 payout ratio. It will fail

    5. http://frnkjones40

      Yvonne avoid this BS like the plague that is. This a pyramid scheme that creates more debt than wealth. Been there DONE with that. Money coming from the same place it’s needed is not growth. ALWAYS follow the people paying NOT the people getting paid.

  119. http://Charger%20Hellcat

    My cousin started one for 500 for 3,000 and me and my dad caught hell trying to find people they say they will do it but they back out but I got 1,500 out of it so month later I started my own put in 100 and get 700 but it’s a one time flower no regift

    1. http://Charger%20Hellcat

      Mike Larry no I’m pocketing 7,500 dollars every time you make that off one person in 3 weeks

    2. http://Mike%20Larry

      This definitely a scam… It designed to receive a times what you put in… You pocketing 1k every time… Smh

    3. http://Charger%20Hellcat

      Gwen Sinclair that’s usually dosent happens because who wouldn’t want 3,000 a month but the flower would die or you would replace the person

    4. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      @Gwen Sinclair you can replace that person without having to get two new people.

    5. http://Gwen%20Sinclair

      What happens when someone gets their money and gets out without regifting

  120. http://Tash%20M

    Sounds like a Ponzi scam 🤨🧐

    1. http://MremboOne

      @8Igw it is!!

    2. http://Luxury%20Doll

      It is

    3. http://frnkjones40

      This has the same principles except that money doesn’t flow back to the individual that started it. But it’s F’d up just the same leaving LOT of people in debt. People are too busy thinking about getting paid to see who is paying them.

  121. http://Mass%20201

    Great vid!!! How would I start a flower from the beginning? If your the water 1st, do everyone pay you including the ppl in the fire position?

    1. http://Mass%20201

      @Budget Bill appreciate the Motown+ MJ breakdown… I haven’t seen a video of anyone showing how to start from the beginning, and that’s odd

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      not sure on how to start one.

  122. http://Sharon%20Moore

    This is a Pyramid. Don’t be Fooled
    Let me explain, you have 8 people that will put 500.00. The first person will get paid the $4,000. Now in order for the second person to get paid, you will have to recruit 8 more people (to make the pot $4,000 again). In order for the 3rd person to get paid, you will need to recruit 8 more people. Don’t be fooled. Don’t do this.

  123. http://Chris%20Long

    The challenge is finding like minded people

    1. http://Jacara%20M

      Exactly!! We’ve tried talking to my family about getting out of their own way, leaving the poverty mindset and building generational wealth, it works for some, it’s really about changing your perspective about money which is difficult if money has been difficult to come by during your lifetime.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      so I’ve heard

  124. http://Reina%20Seedarnee

    Stay away from this. This is NOT a Sou Sou.

    1. http://Reina%20Seedarnee

      The is a Pyramid scam.

    2. http://Reina%20Seedarnee

      Please don’t misrepresent what a SuSu is!

  125. http://Carlos%20Davila

    Some people aren’t as serious as others and get the money and don’t contribute again. That’s when you lose out. Kind of like getting fronted some drugs and you keep re-upping but as a front. You go out blow all your money on strippers and clubs and can’t pay the dopeman back. Now it’s a problem!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Did you say strippers? LMAO

  126. http://Keeping%20it%20100%20Experiences

    My friend bout to sign me up

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Know your RISK

  127. http://Keeping%20it%20100%20Experiences

    Good video

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Awesome and Thank you for the Support.

  128. http://Sherlyn%20McDonald

    Bill yourexplamation of how the SuSu works is crystal clear for unddrstanding. Thamks Bill

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Sherlyn McDonald awesome 💯 and thanks for the support 👊🏽

  129. http://Randi%20Lewis

    I’m glad some people are woke and know this is a scam

    1. http://ITZYAGURL

      Bee_u_tifulvegan I think they feel like it’s too good to be true. But hey, it’s difficult to try and help the people that may be close minded.

    2. http://Bee_u_tifulvegan

      ITZYAGURL I’m in one as well. It’s not look this one. It works… n fast… but hey. I’m not here to convince people. I just want to defend the fact that they aren’t all scams

    3. http://ITZYAGURL

      Bee_u_tifulvegan exactly. That’s why it should always be done amongst trusted family and friends. My mum’s actually in one and it’s done wonders for her.

    4. http://Bee_u_tifulvegan

      Sydney Finau ok… I’m not here to go back n forth to prove what I know for a fact… there are different variations of them. N some people do scam… but u can’t say that none are legit

    5. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Bee_u_tifulvegan yes if it works like what’s being shown it is a scam

  130. http://deshandab

    This definitely works! I got all 8 of my gifts and I re-gifted my original water person to stay in the cycle. Now I am on the residual re-gifting cycle. Thanks for the explanation, it’s very clear!

    1. http://Sack%20Chasing%20QG

      Come join my group

  131. http://Princess%20Penny

    Whenever there’s a downturn in the economy these systems become popular because people become greedy and desperate. This is an insult to the Caribbean community to even equate it to SuSu. I’d wish people like you would stop doing that but greed and desperation will continue to let people justify these scams with traditional lending systems. Shame!!

    1. http://Princess%20Penny

      @HelloMarie people are looking for fast money. That’s the problem, and many do not care if the others don’t get their money back as long as they make a quick buck.

    2. http://HelloMarie

      @princess penny: I was sent this video by someone trying to get me to join. After seeing it and reading the comments, this is something that my mom, her friends and family have done, but solely between them.

      It definitely gets convuluted when it’s treated like an MLM and the people in it are not friends and family. Some people’s money probably has come up missing.

  132. http://Serena%20Johnson

    I’m not giving no $100-$500

    1. http://Michael%20Lewis

      Budget Bill 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Serena Johnson How about $3.00

  133. http://Mike%20G

    Hey Bill, this is gifting system is not susu do not mixed them up. It can’t be soop up

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Sorry. It’s referred to as “modern day SuSu”.

  134. http://Moya%20G.

    Im actually looking for one person to join my group so if you’re interested let me know.

  135. http://Slmsxy12

    Does anyone know if you have to keep bringing people in or can you just have a set number of people to keep it going where it’s easier to manage?

    1. http://Slmsxy12

      Budget Bill I’m not quite understanding the split. Is there more than 1 person receiving a payout? Looking at the chart, it looks as if there will be multiple people in the water position at the same time.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Slmsxy12 The video explains how it works. 🤔

    3. http://Slmsxy12

      Budget Bill do you have any info on how this is done or do I go with info provided on your video and just limit the amount of people?

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Slmsxy12 You can!

  136. http://K.C.%20Underwood

    This is a good and easy way to be scammed during a pandemic when people are desperate and in need of financial relief. BEWARE of who deal with on this. I speak on first hand knowledge.

    1. http://K.C.%20Underwood

      @Budget Bill PSA of the day

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +K.C. Underwood First Hand Knowledge? 🤔

  137. http://Deborah%20Hoskins

    This is not a Sou Sou. It is a pyramid. I’ve been in many Sou Sou and this is not one.

  138. http://Mary%20Tate

    I’m part of a SuSu. We have a Facebook group Family and Friend SuSu the payout is weekly $800 it has been working very well. When you put in the $100 and bring in your two people. One week after you will receive the $800. How that happens on a weekly basis the people you bring has three days to get their money in and their two people. Therefore the payout happens three times out of the week making it move faster and that is how your able to get weekly payments. The money go right to the person that is being gifted. Check it out on Facebook: Family and Friend SuSu

    1. http://Mary%20Tate

      Every country is not going to do it the same way. We are doing what works for us and it has been working, everyone in this know someone it’s not a scam no one is making money except the person or people who is getting paid that week cause the money goes directly to the person and not a third party.

  139. http://4KingGORILLA

    Week Five you will be in the Buck or the standard missionary position 😂

    1. http://Angela%20Pickens

      Damn 🤣🤣🤣

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      🤪 good one!

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      🤣 good one!

  140. http://4KingGORILLA

    Y’all playing right!? We fall for anything. Amway at least gave a product

    1. http://4KingGORILLA

      @Chad Davis
      Ok …. Then just give your family member the money. There is no short cut to sustainable income. This thing will fail simply because money has to be generated by a source. In this case it’s people. Where are they getting the money. From a source. You gotta see this. ” My people perish from lack of knowledge” That’s God

    2. http://Chad%20Davis

      Pay ATTENTION!!!!!
      You’re thinking about a ” business”!!!
      Amway and mlm are networking businesses #facts. This is a family shared savings program where you
      ” Gift ” another person. Any Family
      Can Collectively Decide to Do this Amongst themselves. Also gifting
      Some one money💰 isn’t Taxable
      According to the tax code. Simple
      Put…..This isn’t a Business!!!!!

  141. http://Sean%20Sailes%20-%20MindsetChamp

    Sounds like a Pyramid scheme to save money. Such a strange process

    1. http://firefly404

      It’s not. No one receives more than another.

  142. http://Joan%20Crpmmarty

    After you get to the water position do you have to get two more to join or are you set to rotate back to water position after the 4 weeks. This part was confusing. Once your in and invite 2 people you wont have to invite another 2 person is that correct?????

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Joan Crpmmarty no you don’t. Also refer to my second video (on the channel) which explains the split and your questions. 👍🏽

  143. http://Jerry%20McPherson

    My God …. a ponzi scheme by any other name is still a ponzi scheme…. Find a CPA, CFA, or another person with some credentials to validate this nonsense. if you’re still buying into these free money structure you deserve to get got.

  144. http://Cynthia%20Jones

    Do you have to bring in 2 additional people each time you gift $500

    1. http://The%20Sou-Sou%20Lady

      Only 1 time. After you bring your first two that’s it:) if you want to join I’m giving away a 500 spot in a 4K sousou if you want to join the one I’m in. But you will need to bring two ppl

  145. http://d3r3kyasmar

    You cant receive a $4000 payout if the people below you cant recruit more people. As a result this will cause chaos as the whole system will collapsed when you fail to recruit two people.

    The person in the fire position will be pissed off at you for failing to recruit two people because now he cant have the $4000 because nobody is contributing $500.

  146. http://Da'Nia%20Coats

    If anyone is interested in looking for a trust worthy group I am in one and I am currently looking for 2 people to join our group.

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      I believe that spicyfleshburrito at gmail dot com was looking…

  147. http://P%20DR

    I googled term & scam came up w predictive software. Ponzi, pyramid, whatever.

  148. http://Ayana%20Jakes

    looking for people who are interested in coming in as fire THIS SUNDAY!!!! JULY 5TH

    1. http://Unity%20Freer

      Im interested

  149. http://Reallynow

    Instead of giving away $500 in this scheme why not get some friends and family together and invest y’all $500 into something real. Come together and buy a business or some property.

  150. http://Latonya%20Brumfield

    This is a specific type of pyramid scheme known as a ponzi scheme. If you’re going to do this, be ready to lose money and/or do time with the feds. https://www.ftc.gov/public-statements/1998/05/pyramid-schemes

    1. http://Financially%20Happier

      I agree don’t invest into this.

    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Thank you for speaking up Latonya

  151. http://Deborah%20Neely

    Is this illegal?

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Completely illegal, I’m afraid.

  152. http://Stripes1231

    So basically what is the solid number of people it ultimately takes to keep the game flowing where it’s legit and everyone gets paid.?

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      If it is a real sou-sou, 2 people. If it is a blessing loom or flower, there is not legit point at all. Those are inherently criminal and have bad math, unlike the real, traditional sou sous.

  153. http://Calvtwo22

    Law 101 if you not filling a 1099 for this it’s illegal

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Also, can violate securities laws in some areas.

  154. http://Carolyn%20Caldwell

    This will work because if you not able to bring in people you can always reposition yourself to come in under different business names . The cash flow seed/gift will continue push the flow. Its not a Ponzi Scheme no one is at the top and there are no promises of getting rich. It’s not a pyramid scheme cause no one is at the top everyone at the same level and there are no products or promises just giving a gift. It is legal to give gifts under $15,000 and no taxes required to pay on the gift.

    1. http://Carolyn%20Caldwell

      @Radda Shnitzel nothing is for sale

    2. http://Carolyn%20Caldwell

      @Radda Shnitzel this is not a loom or pyramid you are wrong

    3. http://Carolyn%20Caldwell

      @Radda Shnitzel this is not a pyramid no one is at the top stop trying to make it one

    4. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @The Sou-Sou Lady Is it time to shut down Boulonguise for sale of an unregistered security, Vashti?

    5. http://The%20Sou-Sou%20Lady

      Carolyn Caldwell okay thanks! Blessings 🙂

  155. http://Roberto%20Ballesteros%20II

    How many people you should be joining to rotate and get their chances to get there gift?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      There is no answer for that.

  156. http://DesertFox%202800


    1. http://DesertFox%202800

      Radda Shnitzel
      I don’t mind at all Radda

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Would you mind not posting in all-caps?

  157. http://Boostmindz

    This is not sou sou am from the Caribbean trust me 🇬🇩🇬🇩🇬🇩

    1. http://Ronile%20Gause

      @Dwonne Knight it doesn’t but someone will always get the short end of the stick and they will feel like they have been scammed. In order for it to work everyone has to bring in two people, which makes it an infinite cycle.

    2. http://Adrienne%20Kennedy

      That’s right

    3. http://JOE_BEAST

      It’s a different kind than what most are use to but It is one.

    4. http://Dwonne%20Knight

      @Shawnee Brown I don’t see a real problem with that if it works. Having to recruit does NOT constitute a scam.

    5. http://Dwonne%20Knight

      @Sydney Finau No offense taking. Now let me tell you what I didn’t miss. I didn’t miss the fact that when (or ‘if’ for your sake) you make it through your first flower, it recycles over and over after that. So the idea is if you get people that you know behind you and they get people that they know then at some point you’re home free (no longer dependent on new recruits to push you up. Actually I’m part of another one that is less aggressive and is pretty fool proof. I’ll post it here. My true intentions here are not to argue (or offend). I’m wondering is this really something people can do to bypass these greedy banks, employers, government agencies, etc.

  158. http://Evelyn%20Collette

    Love it… Thank you

    1. http://Evelyn%20Collette

      @Budget Bill u’r welcome

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Evelyn Collette Welcome. Thanks for the support 👊🏽

  159. http://Tommy%20Bostic

    How many times does one person have to give $500.00 ?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Tommy Bostic Everyrime you join/participate

  160. http://J%20Loc

    As a Caribbean, person this is NOT a Susu and I would not recommend this to anyone. It hurts my heart that people will fall for this. But just think, please! How is this sustainable if you’re getting more out of it than you’re putting in? Does that make any sense? Where is this magic extra money coming from? Just know that if you don’t end up getting screwed, you’re helping to screw someone.

  161. http://shawn%20morris

    You have to see the vision. This works !

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Shawn Morris How many drinks did you have tonight?

  162. http://Peter%20Mash

    Bill, this is just a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in the U.S. It is disappointing how you are taking advantage of people during tough economic times while hiding it under a cultural guise.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Peter Mash FYI: I do appreciate your feedback! 💯

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Peter Mash Also Mr. Peter. I have several friends that have participated as well and have been successful. I also have friends that were not successful. Should I hold off on my next Sou-Sou video?

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Peter Mash Mr. Peter. I can never force you to do anything. I talk about Real Estate investing as well which often causes financial loss. My purpose was to make a better video than another YouTuber. I did that. Sorry you feel that way. Notice majority (90%) of comments stated they are participating. That has nothing to do with me. 👊🏽

    4. http://Peter%20Mash

      Budget Bill, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is a good financial practice. It’s popularity isn’t a good defense. You are explaining and condoning a pyramid scheme, which often causes financial loss. This sounds bad to me.

    5. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Peter Mash I didn’t know I was taking advantage of people by explaining a HOT topic and how it works. #sorry I missed that

  163. http://Eugene%20Irvin

    And you said it’s a continuing cycle of adding people correct? And is there a sou-sou that is able to be made where you investing with that flower only?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Somewhat true.

  164. http://Isaac%20Johnson


  165. http://Visszaad%20Corp

    Sound more os a Ponzi Scheme than a Pyramid Scheme, either way it’s an illegal Scheme

  166. http://Big%20Mac

    What happens if someone doesn’t bring there 2 people?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Well the requirement is that EVERYONE get 2 ppl. So if that doesn’t happen…..

  167. http://Shauncia%20Tousant

    I know I would not find 2 ppls who would go into this with me…. Damn this would be great… They will not be able to get 2ppls for them selves

    1. http://Nikki%20Griffin

      I am about to join one

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Shauncia Tousant Haha

  168. http://Viosi%20Pitts

    If you get in a good group with like minded people this really works.. I was a skeptic until I tried it and now me and my family are doing it.. it really works. It’s basic math when you break it down. It’s definitely not a pyramid scheme..

    1. http://Dee%20Gathers

      @Jessica Enlow WOW…I want to learn more for sure.

    2. http://djcam2002

      Pyramid scheme plain and simple. Which is illegal btw

    3. http://Kristina%20M

      Jessica Enlow and let me know how that works out for you

    4. http://Kristina%20M

      i was in a group with like minded people. paid my 500, brought in two people that paid theirs and still lost my money and was told to pay 500 for another week to keep my spot because two levels below me (which would have been my payout) didnt come through in time. so after my experience and what they wont tell you is you have to recruit for everybody or you wont get paid

    5. http://Jessica%20Enlow

      I said the same thing. Everybody has to want to eat. Im in a 1400/11200 right now.

  169. http://Kendrix%20SS

    If anyone is interested in joining i have several open spots

    1. http://Kendrix%20SS

      Budget Bill pure hearted intention this way

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Kendrix SS Stranger Danger

  170. http://Kendrix%20SS

    It’s a struggle finding people to join

    1. http://Jackie%20C

      G Man I agree with you somewhat. I don’t agree that it is scheme, but I do agree that the sustainability of the group can be very difficult without others joining, or staying in the group for long periods of time.

    2. http://DBP%20sons

      Someone approached me about the 2 weeks ago. I like the concept but not the recruiting aspect so I decided to pass on it.

    3. http://G%20Man

      Schemes like this rely on new victims… I mean joiners. Simple maths dictates that when the number of new joiners falls below the number of people in the system it will collapse. Trust me there will never be enough people to sustain this scheme.

    4. http://Jackie%20C

      Definitely a struggle. I

    5. http://frnkjones40

      @Naomi Firo DO NOT ENTER just watch the video link I left above in its entirety

  171. http://Jasine%20Giles

    If my math suits me correctly, you need exactly 120ppl for this to work correctly.

    1. http://Jasine%20Giles

      Budget Bill please enlighten me how many ppl are need for exactly everyone brought into to the flower (a flower is comprised of 15 ppl) to get paid?

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      incorrect math #sorry

  172. http://Roni%20Richards

    I’m in one right now and it works. It’s mostly made up of family and friends who are all professionals. If you can’t find ur 2 ppl or if you decide to quit you get your $500 back. It works as long as you have trustworthy people. Send a message if you’re serious about joining or need an explanation

  173. http://Kimberly%20Williams%20Plummer

    Hello. Where can I obtain a blank copy of the Flower template? I’ve Googled it but don’t see.

  174. http://Gwen%20Dodd

    I hear yah Budget Bill let them have it Lol! I was invited by a good friend in another Group recently and my Son and I will be participating . I am very Excited about it Myself 😁 You keep doing your Thing you will be Blessed for it 🙏

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Just sharing information here… Thanks for the support

  175. http://ann%20prince

    Africans has been doing susu for years. Nothing new. I am a susu manager and i have rules.

    1. http://Carolyn%20Hudson

      @ann prince What Are Your Rules The One I’m In Will eventually Fail

    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Then you would know this is not a SuSu lol this is a gifting circle or what I like to call a SCAM

    3. http://Budget%20Bill


  176. http://Robert%20Taylor%20Jr

    Thank you for explaining! This is very cool!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Robert Taylor Jr awesome. Thanks for the support! 👊🏽

  177. http://Three%20Putt%20Bogeys

    Isn’t this also known as a pyramid system/scheme?

  178. http://Tamara%20MT

    Yep me and my family on it. Hardest part is getting people to understand and some want to but broke 🤣 So they are collecting!

    1. http://90JDMCB

      @Alisa Callender right… Somebody that you pulled in won’t get any money at all…. Then you’ll have to explain to them why/how they lost their money

    2. http://Alisa%20Callender

      Brianna Carolina at some point you run out of people, this is when the pyramid, circle whatever you want to call it, collapses and someone will be left holding the bag

    3. http://edwin%20mancia

      Slayer881014 we are in one ourselves, I has worked for us. You have to get like minded people who want the extra income. We have zoom calls twice a week explaining it and answering questions. You lose nothing expect the time you spend on the call. I can provide info.

    4. http://Brianna%20Carolina

      Slayer881014 you find two people, your two people find two people and so forth. You’re only responsible for enrolling TWO people

    5. http://Elijah%20Oliver

      90JDMCB you’re right , that’s what makes it a pyramid scheme and illegal eventually people will lose out

  179. http://PC-NATION

    Why would I give my money to other people. As far as I know if you put 400 a month in for 12 months you only get back 4000.00 the dealer gets 800…hmm sounds like people getting taken advantage of. We should learn to take care of ourselves. My Fiancée is Haitian and I told our family will not participate in bull like this

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Good on you. Please tell everyone about this scam and to stay away. Even the man in the video knows this is a scam.

  180. http://lynce%20Doriscat

    I’m looking my two my referrals

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +lynce Doriscat I think everyone is. Haha

  181. http://Anarxur

    Damn dude you put enough ads in?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Anarxur 😂. Hilarious. Thanks for the support. 👊🏽

  182. http://Sonia%20Garrett

    How many times can you enter

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Sonia Garrett Unlimited

  183. http://Emmanuel%20Rutledge%20Vegan%20BodyBuilder

    This is nothing but the circle game sugar coded. The people at the very bottom will eventually get screwed. Think about it…. If 1 person joined they need 8 people to pay them then those 8 people need 64 people to pay them then those 64 people need 512 people to pay them and those 512 people need 4096 to pay them. Let me keep going for you great like minded people. Eventually 1million people will need 8million people to pay them. 8 million people will need 64 million people to pay them and 64 million people will need 512 million people to pay them then 512 million people will need 4096 million people to pay them. Even if everybody on Earth participated the last people left to give 500 will not get anything because there would be no more people to contribute money which means it ends there. The people who were at the starting are going to eat the most. The people at the end will get screwed. This is excellent if you are ok with knowing that someone is going to lose $500 based off you getting them to join. This is nothing that I would get my family and friends involved in even if they do get paid. The people that they invite or the people of those people that they invite is going to end up losing $500. Im not that money hungry. God we give me true residual income✊🏾🙏🏾💯.

  184. http://Bruce%20Grant

    When you recruit other people outside of your family brother is where you went wrong. To attempt to get more than what you put in … No disrespect but that is not is not sound judgment. Good luck.

    1. http://Deanna%20love

      @Ronile Gause Yes you have to be replaced before you can get your money back and no the flower continues its rotation.

    2. http://Ronile%20Gause

      @Deanna love if someone decides that it does not work for them and pull out, what happens to the flower? Do they have to replace them before they get their money back? Does the flower becomes stagnant until then?

    3. http://iamtracileee

      @kklustra Agreed sis, I’ve been doing this for over a year now and it’s definitley NOT a scam. The rich give monetary gifts and write them off daily so if you’re doing research, please be sure to research EVERYTHING that pertains to monetary gifts and taxes.

    4. http://Deanna%20love

      @Dwonne Knight It is NOT illegal just look on the IRS code smh people never do research on anything. I have been in my community for a while now and it is real! If you find it is not for you like some people do you can and will get your money back! Bitter youtubers say anything.

      This msg is not towards you btw😁😁

    5. http://Deanna%20love

      @Google Pics Do me a favor and do some research. 🙄 IRS has a code for groups that does things like this. Read it then talk to me smh…

  185. http://Patricia%20Dickerson

    Thank you for the information and helping me to decide whether I should join in or not. I will not. Thank you.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Glad you liked the video. Thanks for the support! 👊🏽

  186. http://Dejuan%20Darby

    So what will happen if the 2 people you’ve added doesn’t find 2 people of their own?

    1. http://AJ%20Harris

      @Grown Man Okay. Thank you for responding 🙂

    2. http://Grown%20Man

      @AJ Harris Many people are in more than one savings groups.


    3. http://AJ%20Harris

      @Budget Bill I have seen a few systems like this out there by different names, so I have not decided which one to pursue yet. However, I was curious. Is it possible to be a part of more than one susu? If so, would it change things for me from a tax standpoint? I ask because not all have such a high pay in. Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult to invest in more than one. Please advise.

    4. http://Noel%20Ivester

      @Budget Bill there’s a finite amount of people on the planet so not everyone will get to reap because eventually there won’t be 2 people to recruit.. foh with this pyramid scheme bs

    5. http://firefly404

      Don’t allow people to join unless they have 2 ppl or help them get 2 ppl.

  187. http://Claudia%20Tallbeauty

    I’m apart of 1. It’s amazing. I added my husband and my daughter so its 3 payouts every month

    1. http://Antwanette%20Evans

      @Claudia Tallbeauty yup thats the plan!!!!

    2. http://Naomi%20Firo

      Learning Through Experiences basically since you started you got a cash advance. did you go back in? Go back in and share with 2 people. Keep it going so it can keep it growing.

    3. http://Learning%20Through%20Experiences

      @Claudia Tallbeauty yes we all understand that we have to keep putting the $500 in but I think where I’m confused is I started the flower so I was in the water position, I waited four weeks and had 8 people pay me, but we have like 60 plus people all together, was I suppose to start my two people in the earth and go out to add everyone else or opposite

    4. http://Claudia%20Tallbeauty

      @Antwanette Evans add him on your payout week. And find his 2 people. You will just be short 500.

    5. http://Claudia%20Tallbeauty

      @Leronn Davis no. I use my info for the payout.

  188. http://The%20Amazing%20Guyulnevrb

    I’d love to see the comments section in another 3 months.

    1. http://The%20Amazing%20Guyulnevrb

      @Deanna love I definitely won’t be out of work in 3 months, but if I was…I couldn’t in good faith spend any money on this kinda stuff

    2. http://TheQueenrevolution

      Right. This is not a susu. A susu is a closed circle savings plan.

    3. http://Deanna%20love

      @The Amazing Guyulnevrb Your will be out of a job in the next three months I highly doubt you will be thinking about this. 🙂

    4. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Best comment on here

    5. http://The%20Amazing%20Guyulnevrb

      @Budget Bill over 5 yrs. Sou Sou in its original form is definitely a legit savings method. But this…isnt Sou Sou. I think you should investigate it further.

  189. http://Sydney%20Finau

    They used a flower to make it not seem like a pyramid scheme but that’s exactly what this is SMH and the nerve to make it seem family and friend oriented. As a matter of fact a “friend” told one of my family members about this. People will do anything for a dollar…

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      T Turner you there?

    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      T Turner it’s rotating while having to constantly recruit new members it’s a scam no matter what geometrical shape it is. So you tell me how this isn’t a scam

    3. http://T%20Turner

      Pyramids are a triangle where someone on the top, earns more that all others. This is rotating. Where does that happen here?

  190. http://Zahra%20Hussain

    Hello, I joined a susu recently! Many people have been skeptical but I have been promoting it to the best of my ability. My goal is to help all fires to be blessed and have an opportunity to save, pay off debt, or even do simple things like tip bigger and help their own community out. Thank you budget Bill for this informative video. Any way to add why this is not a pyramid scheme as many people jump to that conclusion? Thank you!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thanks for the comment on the video! 👊🏽

  191. http://A47Fallout

    In Mexico is called a Tanda, 11 people put in 200$ a week and get 2000$ when their number comes up.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Yes I think this one is different

  192. http://simplyfitnessandhair

    Hello! How long has this particular sou sou been going on?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      I think for more than 6 months but I don’t know. Maybe even longer…

  193. http://OG%20Message%20Show

    Great video breaking it down

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thank you and thx for the support! 👊🏽

  194. http://Stacy%20Hicks

    After the flower splits at the Earth position, does it come back together? Trying to understand how to you continually get $4000 if the flower has split…..

    1. http://Claudia%20Tallbeauty

      The cycle continues because everybody doing the same thing. When you get your payout you put 500 back. Your 2 people get paid the next week and out theirs back, and so on

    2. http://Learning%20Through%20Experiences

      @Budget Bill hi, I understand her question and I’m wondering the same thing because it keeps saying add two new people so how does it come back together with the same people, so curious. Another question, when the first eight people pay in and we’re not looking for more, how do we go on since we don’t have to find people because we have more than sixty people right now

    3. http://firefly404

      It’s the 8 new Fires at the bottom. Once your flower locks it is a cycle. This flow chart is confusing. Look at a flower.

    4. http://Budget%20Bill

      YES. I also made a “How the Split Works” video on my channel. Check it out.

  195. http://Stacy%20Hicks

    When you move back to fire after your week in the water position, do you need to recruit 2 more people each time you’re in the fire position? Or just the first time when you first come in?

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Without all 14 people you will not move to the water position

    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      2 more and then those 2 need 2 a piece then those 4 need to 2 a piece. So really you need 14 people to make it to the top. This is a scam wouldn’t recommend it to anyone

  196. http://Big%20Benji

    So after 4 weeks of accumulating 7500$ total!!
    Why only receive 4000$ ????? Where the rest of the money 👀

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Budget Bill perhaps you missed the part where this is unethical

    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Perhaps you missed the part where this is all a scam

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Perhaps watch the video again. Perhaps you missed it.

  197. http://Marvin%20Sanders

    How does this become residual. Or how does the flower lock

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Marvin Sanders somewhat correct. Residual doesn’t come from NEW fires.

    2. http://Marvin%20Sanders

      Budget Bill so it’s only residual as long as the fires continue to bring two ppl

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Marvin Sanders Its locked from YOU being in WATER position. NOT locked for everyone

    4. http://Marvin%20Sanders

      I’m trying to understand how does it lock without all 15-16 ppl on your flower not being paid

  198. http://Rosa%20Hall

    @Budget Bill do you mind terribly setting aside time in your busy busy schedule to explain these steps to members of my family, especially those who think this is an MLM and or Pyramid scheme? Lmk

    1. http://Rosa%20Hall

      My pitch continued. There are four (4) elements to a Sou-Sou Share and Savings group. Everybody will invest $125; in four weeks your return on investment is $1,000. Each person will start out as “fire”; upon inviting two (2) others to invest $125 you’ll move up to the “Air” position. Once your two people invite 2 other people to invest you’ll move up into the “Earth” position, and your 2 people will move into the “Air” position, and the 2 new investors these 2 have invited with be the new fire of the group until these 2 get 2 more investors!!! Now you move into the “Water” position whereas you will receive an ROI of $1,000 minus $125 to reinvest. Nobody will hold your money, instead you will create an account (via Zelle, Cash app, etc.), and let it be known to the people in your “Flower Savings and Investment Group”! Every four (4) weeks you will receive a return of $1,000, but hold back $125 to reinvest during the fifth (5th) week.

      Every 4 weeks the flower will split and you’ll start over and be in the “🔥” position again. HOWEVER, You will NEVER have to bring in 2 new investors again!!!

    2. http://Rosa%20Hall

      I’ve forwarded your video to several people (3 friends and 9 relatives) trying to get my 2 investors. I’ve phoned them and discussed with them my interest prior to sending them your video.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Ummmm. Not sure if that is possible. The video explains how it works from start/finish/continuation. What questions do you have? Maybe I can answer…

  199. http://Wavy%20Tha%20Don

    I have invested in sou sous before and have received great returns. I’ve recently joined another, and see other people making profit. Remember that you must do the work to profit. It’s not free money. If you are interested, hit me up! Reply to this comment, or dm me on insta or twitter @ realwavytd . Same username for both.

  200. http://Tonya%20Hay-Verge

    Budget Bill is this format possible for a small group of 17 without growing thousands of other flowers? Is there an existing format that allows a small group share wealth?

    1. http://Tonya%20Hay-Verge

      @Nekia Ritchie how is that possible?

    2. http://Nekia%20Ritchie

      Yes there is

    3. http://Budget%20Bill


  201. http://Jean%20Masse

    This is nothing but a spiral pyramid. I have sat down and listened n watched so that my pre decision wasn’t compromised. This is not a Caribbean sue sue.. in order to get this to work depends on getting people to come up behind u. In a Caribbean sue sue everyone gets paid every week. There is no depending on people to come up. We have a group and that’s it. So no thx

  202. http://Maitia%20Wilson

    Question: How do I set up the diagram of the flower? I would like to start one, but I want to be able to show people their positions on the flower.

    1. http://Maitia%20Wilson

      @Budget Bill Thank you

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      I designed mine for this video. But I do graphic design all the time. #sorry

  203. http://David%20Scott

    This sounds like some hot fire bullshit

    1. http://Budget%20Bill


    2. http://Dani%20X

      It’s not I’m in one it’s legit if you want to know more dm me on ig Offiicialldanix

  204. http://UCON

    This is a blessing loom . It’s not a sou sou . This is just level marketing. When you start adding people in order to advance it’s no longer a sou sou.

  205. http://Tori%20Early

    Not income gifts!

  206. http://Alexis%20Schneider

    Je voulais écouter sousou de jul

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      I need to work on my Spanish. #sorry

  207. http://Marvin%20Harris

    How do you get it started from the ground up vice joining one already in progress

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Not sure on that answer. #sorry

  208. http://Michelle%20McElroy%20Wicks

    How would a person ever leave the flower?

    1. http://Michelle%20McElroy%20Wicks

      @Budget Bill someone leaving with destroy the flower correct? I think I understand it. You will always belong to your sponsors flower, and you will break off and create a flower of your own. Once that happens, is the concept recyclable? Where no one else needs to bring in another two people. Am I close?

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Just walk away

  209. http://Frantz%20Noel

    This works but you MUST do the work! Which is finding the two people. I think it’s amazing to me that people will complain about finding two people but ok with working a job and slaving for 8-12 hours! I’ve honestly cashed out 6 times already but YOU MUST DO THE INITIAL WORK. Find like minded individuals.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill


  210. http://Nicole%20Lacy

    This definitely works. Got my payout twice. If anyone would like to join and have their 2 people ready hmu.

    1. http://Dee%20Gathers

      I’m in the beginning of one now. I would like to chat with an admin for recommendations for the best set up?

    2. http://JIHAD%20SHARIF

      Jacara M jhsharif@aol.com

    3. http://Deanna%20love

      @Mike Larry Stop trolling🙄

    4. http://Mike%20Larry

      It works… But eventually someone is going to lose money

    5. http://Mike%20Larry

      Eventually you going run in to a wall… And the last ppl in get shitted… You might make your money… But you ppl might get shitted or their ppl or their ppl… The ones who start benefit the most

  211. http://David%20Carter

    So the fire position will always have to recruit two more people?

    1. http://Dani%20X

      If you Would you like to join plz reach out

    2. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      New people are always coming into 🔥…

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      The new person that joins ONLY has to get 2 new people.

  212. http://Doctor%201

    Wake up this is a scam. It only gets bigger and bigger. This is the definition of a pyramid. When you give your money for nothing in return. It only grows larger.

  213. http://Hephzibah77%20Im

    There is absolutely no use joining if you can’t get two people ready to join.

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      *14 people

    2. http://Budget%20Bill


  214. http://Nur%20Abdullah

    This is not a sou sou. It is a scam. No one is responsible to make sure everyone gets paid and you’re dealing with total strangers. In addition, it’s a “gift” of $500 you’re giving so you will not get it back. Sou sou I’m in…. You’re guaranteed your money back. Someone is responsible to pay everyone out. And not just anyone can join. This is a scam

  215. http://Luenda%20Moore

    In the Caribbean this is not how a Sou Sou works.

    1. http://Luenda%20Moore

      @Demetrice Pringle Correct!

    2. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      I wish people would stop using the word sou sou. This is not it!

    3. http://Budget%20Bill


  216. http://6%20mins%20of%20fruit

    Great video! Beautifully explained!!!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +6 mins of fruit Thanks. And thx for the support 👊🏽

  217. http://sabrena%20callis

    What happens if someone doesn’t pay?

    1. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      As you come into fire you pay + have your two people.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Can’t join if you don’t pay.

  218. http://Promostk%20Eatin'%20GOOD%20in%20the%20Neighborhood!

    You explained great. Thanks 🙏🏾

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thank you. And thx for the support! 👊🏽

  219. http://Marvin%20Smith

    Thanks! very simple and detailed explanation!

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thank you and thanks for the support! 👊🏽

  220. http://J.C%20-Seal%20Dash

    In the West Indies a Sou-Sou is where everyone commit to contributing the same amount they will ultimately receive.. An example “10 persons; sou-sou runs for 10 months; if each person contributes $500 monthly every person will receive $5000 at the end of each month. The most complicated thing is who gets paid first. That is call “1st Hand, 2nd Hand ….. ending at 10th Hand ” At the end of it everyone gets paid exactly what they invested ($500 × 10 months), and you don’t need to bring anymore people under you. Your explanation sounds more like a pyramid scheme.

    1. http://Nekia%20Ritchie

      This is a better explanation of it to me and it sounds much safer. To me the more ppl you have the riskier it is. I would want to get in with just 10 people that I truly trust. Only family that I KNOW would keep up their end of the bargain!

    2. http://Natalie305

      I thought this was a bit different. It’s not like the Caribbean one.

  221. http://Anita%20LPF

    Once your flower is complete or splits off does the money then just recycle within your flower and thats how it keeps going?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      That’s more correct w/ little more detail.

    2. http://Anita%20LPF

      Budget Bill ok thanks for clearing that up. That was confusing me. So your completed flower is still dependent on new folks coming in.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Anita LPF Incorrect

  222. http://Marguerita%20Smith

    Perfect illustration of how it works!!!!

    1. http://Anna%20Wilson

      You first of listen to the concept of this infinity program. When you decide to come in, make sure you have 2 people whose reliable to come after you. Do not just let someone tell you come in with $500 and bring 2 people. Remember your 2 people have to bring 4 people, and those 4 bring 8, and 8 bring 16. Your community is given money to community ahead of you so by the time the 8 people have successfully joined the community with be time for 1 in your community to be gifted. You community also locked in when the last 8 join. Finding people who believe in the program is the problem.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thank you for the kind words. 👊🏽

  223. http://tyrone%20c.

    so if no new members join the money stops? tell me whats the difference between this and a pyramid scheme?

    1. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @RESIDUAL INCOME This system IS a pyramid scheme. Adjudicated as such in the courts.

    2. http://RESIDUAL%20INCOME

      The group I joined gives your money back if you are getting out, they also have a rule on floating flowers because some people family members or friends don’t join until they see someone they know gifted so other members help fill spots until a member comes in. In a pyramid scheme someone makes more than everyone else

  224. http://Monica%20Hunter

    I have a team that’s going pretty strong if anyone is interested. Some aren’t interested and that’s ok. It does work if you get your two like minded people. So let me know people.

    1. http://Marida%20Catchings

      Hello. How much does the gifting start at. Is this Club version of Family and Friends only?

  225. http://Billy%20Wilson


    1. http://DS%20T

      What state ?

    2. http://Kristina%20M

      i hope you reported him.. not only to local PD but also to the SEC and IRS

  226. http://Billy%20Wilson


    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Oh my…

    2. http://Billy%20Wilson

      @Budget Bill No I met him at my job

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      did you know him or met him on internet ?

  227. http://Positive%20Pieces

    This is not a scheme if you would like to be a part of one you have to be invited to a private group. I can get you in a group email me at ugenar@gmail.com for information. We do not charge to find two people. Our administrators will answer any questions.

    1. http://Positive%20Pieces

      Sorry closed my apologies. I did not get permission.

  228. http://Tyrell

    Stay away from this their better ways out there to make money.

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      SecularRaygon lmao 0 business momentum? You have to bring 14 others with $500. And those people won’t get paid if you just take your pay out and leave

    2. http://Kendrix%20SS

      Kristina M i have

    3. http://Kristina%20M

      SecularRaygon have u tried it?

    4. http://SecularRaygon

      Really, what’s a faster way for a person to make $4000 in 4 weeks with 0 business momentum and only $500 investment?

    5. http://Budget%20Bill

      Always better ways than everything in life. That statement is typical for EVERYTHING

  229. http://Jonathan%20Troy

    I watched too much American Greed to fall for this…. Shame on you for preying on black folks during these troublesome times.

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Yes sir you are preying on black people with West Indies and African culture to bait them

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Did someone prey?

  230. http://LMAC

    Can you show where the water goes after fire? Thanks. Great cool

    1. http://LMAC

      @Budget Bill That part I do understand about water going back to fire. However, if there are 8 new fires coming in every week and water is returning back to fire every week also. How do all the waters repeatedly return back to their same flower? Can you show in a diagram how they return @ the same time new fires are coming in? I’ve been trying to figure that out. The flowers are splitting but how do they come back together everytime? Thanks. Be blessed.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      WATER returns back to FIRE and repeat

  231. http://Thomas%20Weatherford

    I am in the fire position. I need a person to come in under myself.

  232. http://WenNRome

    Whoever wants to join mines for $500 let me know asap

  233. http://Sharron%20Brown

    So if someone recruited me, I have to recruit at least 2 people, what if I can’t get others to join

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      You would literally need thousands of people to keep one of these fake SuSus going…. literally.

    2. http://Demetrice%20Booker

      In my community we definitely help.
      We make sure everyone eats..

    3. http://RESIDUAL%20INCOME

      Make sure you join a community that is going to help you if you don’t have 2ppl

  234. http://Sharron%20Brown

    Technically you don’t get 4000 because 500 was yours from the beginning

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      True. however, your initial contribution is gone immediately. Depends on how you veiw it

  235. http://Sharron%20Brown

    What happens when the people stops putting up their share

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      same as regular job. When people stop working….

  236. http://Sharron%20Brown

    What happens if the people you added can’t get anyone to join

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      cant grow

  237. http://Black%20Wolf

    Count me out. A relative linked me a video on this today, I declined and encouraged him too as well.

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Good for you. And this slimey ass dude gonna like the comment lmao this should say a lot to the commenters

  238. http://Muhammed%20Adisa


    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Muhammed Adisa 🔥 blazing 🔥

  239. http://Sharelle%20Lucky

    So all I have to do is pay my 500? Then find to people to pay 500…then I’ll get paid?? Or so my two people have to find two people for me to get paid..?

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Demetrice Pringle Which shows why such systems grow out of control, like cancer, then implode in hate and shattered friendships when the market is saturated.

    2. http://Sharelle%20Lucky

      @Demetrice Pringleok, thanks for responding!

    3. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      You have to come with two people before you pay and Those two people must bring two people..

    4. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Look up “endless chain scheme”

  240. http://ryansco12

    Clearly most of you guys can’t do basic math

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +ryansco12 accurate statement!

  241. http://King%20James%20IV

    If the payout is 4000,, and everyone puts 500 back in every payout which leaves you with 3500… i don’t see why u always need to add 2 more people,, does it not just continue to rotate???

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +King James IV Requirement is EVERYONE gets 2 ppl under them.

  242. http://Rodney%20Baker

    I have a lot of people asking about individual states having laws against gifting groups like Indiana.

  243. http://TheMackDown

    If anybody wants to join I can help you out. I have open slots.

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      TheMackDown Have you asked a lawyer about it?

  244. http://richard%20cranium

    It’s a pyramid scheme.

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Dani X it’s not it’s illegal in most states

    2. http://Dani%20X

      It’s not it’s legit

  245. http://Butch

    I have a question , when the people give you the money , where it go I’m guessing you have to give erybody you banking info

    What about multiple slots or multiple 500 to receive more. Anything more than 10k going into your account the bank by law have to report that to the IRS … ?

    1. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      Use cashapp

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Butch you give them your bank sharing information. (cashapp Zelle). You wouldn’t get $10K from one person.

  246. http://Tonya%20Roberson

    What if the i dont get 2 people but i have put my money in? Lets say i only got 1 person?

    Do i get a return

    1. http://nikkiecar

      Usually someone in your group help you find your second person

  247. http://Rochelle%20Dixon

    How can I access a call with you and Linda for a presentation?

    1. http://RESIDUAL%20INCOME

      Download the zoom app it has live meetings dwaineking2@gmail.com if you need info

  248. http://Maria%20Scheib

    Your 2 people need 2 that need 2 who get 2 or

  249. http://Maria%20Scheib

    It will take 16 people to get thru

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Budget Bill inaccurate indeed. You would literally need an unlimited amount of people. You would LITERALLY just have to keep recruiting people

    2. http://Budget%20Bill


  250. http://Cypha%20Kickz

    What the person with the water just leave and never come back for the next time around?

    1. http://Demetrice%20Pringle

      They normally do…

    2. http://Budget%20Bill


  251. http://Sneaker%20Barz

    Hey great job brotha in explanation and professionalism! 👍🏾

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Thanks bro. Thanks for the support!!! 👊🏽

  252. http://Bishop%20Fuller

    So you still have to find four people NO MATTER WHAT

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      You have to find 14 people to get JUST you to the water. It’s literally a scam

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Bishop Fuller Dont recall that in the video. Believe it’s two

  253. http://K%20WUD

    I was invited to one of these and the math didn’t make sense. The full circle, before payout should hold $7500. Where is the remaining $3500? A Sousou would pay exactly what is put in. Also, paying $500 with a payout of $4000 minus a mandatory reinvestment of $500 means you take home $3000.

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +K WUD Sorry but I think you missed a few pieces

  254. http://Allison%20Maxwell

    Can you post a PDF link to the layouts you used. I am will to pay a few bucks via PayPal to get a copy if you are selling. Thanks

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      Sorry. I don’t have a way of doing that.

  255. http://Cocktails4entertainment%20Cheers

    IMO, if you WORK a JOB that’s a PYRAMID SCHEME.
    Also, we ALL know, culture and rules are dropped, changed, altered during the journey across the ocean. ONLY SOW seeds with the PEOPLE IN YOUR VILLAGE!

  256. http://Servant%20of%20the%20Most%20High

    This is a ‘Gift Circle’ not a traditional ‘Sous-Sous’ Just be careful; ponzi, pyramid is illegal. Don’t get caught!

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      This is a gifting loom and it is a scam and it is illegal

    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Deanna love you’re a scammer then. Stop lying to these people like this ain’t a scam and also it’s appropriating in the worst way. Either you are not financially conscious or you’re just a POS that will do anything for a dollar including screwing people over

    3. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Deanna love yeah it is illegal maybe you should read more. Someone will always be left out tf y’all ain’t gettin about it.

    4. http://Deanna%20love

      @DFTR RNTF What does this have to do with anything? I am part of a community with thousands of people doing the same thing gifting and it works but it is not my place to convince anyone. Things are getting worse out here and best believe I will not be joining the homeless. So, I wish you good luck and be safe out here. 😊🚶‍♀️

  257. http://Ruth%20McCrackin%20Promote%20Yourself

    Thanks for sharing Bill. Teaching others to strive during this time is a great way to grow a super economic community. Essentially the hurdle for a lot of flower communities is getting 2 people. As a suggestion, you may want to jump on a call this Friday on other ways to grow an effective flower with help in getting your 2 people and still benefit. Learn more message me!

    1. http://Richard%20Ikura

      @Ruth McCrackin Promote Yourself Are you violating probation AGAIN, Ruth Antoine?

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      And how does one “message me” on a site without private messaging, pray tell?

  258. http://Jr%20Maupin

    I really want to try this. I want to do $1000 but i dont know enough people to even do 500

    1. http://Reallynow

      Save your money. Invest in something that’s not a scam.

    2. http://borntobewild305

      Jr Maupin the group I’m in always helps ppl find other ppl if you’re having trouble it’s always a group effort. If you want to know more email me @ angelbraynon@gmail.com

  259. http://Kim%20J

    the negative comments not needed. if this aint ya thing. keep it moving. for those that are down. lets go!

    1. http://Grown%20Man

      That’s why it’s for like minded people. No need to argue with anyone. No need to convince anyone. People have a right to their opinion.


    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      kklustra how can you gift the same person over and over when you got back to the fire position you have to get new people recruited in order to get the original group you brought in paid. DO BETTER

    3. http://Sydney%20Finau

      kklustra just ask budget bill yourself how many people it takes. I already seen a comment asking and guess what it said… INFINITY. You clearly don’t know what’s going on or you’re just a flatout liar

    4. http://Sydney%20Finau

      kklustra WRONG

    5. http://kklustra

      @Sydney Finau What are you even talking about? It certainly isn’t the same thing we’re doing. After a little over a month, you’re gifting the same person every time and the same people are gifting you. Over and over. Educate yourself before you make cooments like that. Do better.

  260. http://Courtney%20Jackson

    What if you not in the us and want to join

  261. http://DaShawn%20Matias

    This is a scam can yall stop messing up an actual tradition! You have to pay the 4K back in the real Sou Sou. It starts with 8 people and ends with 8 people stop the schemes already. Family should do this and people you trust. THATS IT!!!

    1. http://Elijah%20Oliver


    2. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Budget Bill just like a liar to try and throw other people in front of you so you don’t take the hit ie name dropping Mary Kay. Are we here for a Mary Kay video? No. We’re here looking at you deceive people with a fake SuSu. Modern!? …. no.

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      +DaShawn Matias agreed! At beginning I stated this was referred to as the “Modern Day SuSu”. I’m just a messenger not the creator.

    4. http://DaShawn%20Matias

      @Budget Bill like I stated first this is an actual tradition that Caribbeans and Africans etc use. This is not how it works and whatever you’re describing is not a Sou-Sou. That’s the point.

    5. http://Budget%20Bill

      DaShawn Matias Would that apply to Mary Kay business or other MLM businesses. My ONLY purpose of this video was to explain how it works. I never told anyone to join or participate. Which clearly I didn’t have to. Seems 85% of comments are ppl already in it. 5-10% ppl that want to. I did NOT create this. #sorry

  262. http://Camelia%20Tyson

    Hi Bill. Is there a way I can chat with you on Telegram? I’m already a member on this Sou Sou. I have some questions that you may be able to answer

    1. http://Deanna%20love

      @Michael Mcbee Yes

    2. http://Michael%20Mcbee

      So when I get a payout I have to put 500 back in?

    3. http://Budget%20Bill

      Sorry but I don’t have Telegram. I am on IG tho. Find me!

  263. http://K%20J

    Hey, if anyone is interested in joining, please let me know.
    Our SuSu in is 1.4K

  264. http://Ivy%20Box

    This doesn’t sound like a traditional SuSu…this must be an Americanized one. This one is structured more like an mlm.

    1. http://Nameless%20creation

      This is not a sou sou this is a blessings loom which has been determined by the federal trade commission a state felony and is in the Ponzi scheme category and fines up to 10,000. Original sou sou are legal this is not. If you are getting take home money which is money put in by other people that’s not a sou sou. Changing the name from blessings looms to Sou sou don’t make it a sou sou. I noticed these sparked back up back in February right when the pandemic got heated . Luring people in at their most vulnerable moments smh .

    2. http://Annah%20Heard

      @Sydney Finau I knew someone who did it some years ago ,so it sounds good but eventually someone will be left out…..leave it alone!!

    3. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Landria Wade Um. How is what is shown “not a blessing loom” when the pattern is identical? Differences in graphic presentation do not disguise that.

    4. http://Landria%20Wade

      @Sydney Finau based on your approach it seems as if you feel people should be paid even if they don’t give or find those who want to give and logically that makes no sense. It won’t work unless there’s a community of people who are like minded and if you find people who are then it would work and everybody will be paid the SAME amount during their cycle week. This is not the blessing loom or a pyramid scheme where only the person at the top is benefiting, why? because everybody is contributing the same amount and has a set payout day. I’ve been explaining the program to people and you’ll be surprised how many willing to bet on themselves and close friends and family and invest! it’s all an investment similar to trading, stocks, options etc. You can’t make money if you’re scared to spend money.

    5. http://Sydney%20Finau

      Priesthood Community fellowship. It’s a scam lol you have to constantly recruit an infinite number of people to keep it going which is not realistic so at some point it will stop and people that already paid the water will be out $500. People saying they give a refund are lying. How can they refund you money they already gave away?

  265. http://Rhodes%20Production

    So I caint start my own flower?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      I guess you can.

  266. http://Lola%20STJ

    Thank you ! You simplified this for me!!! I watched another presentation and was confused but I get it now.

    1. http://Anthony%20Marshall

      Lola stj do you know who the very first water regift.

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      Oh that’s just awesome. Thanks for the support 👍🏽

  267. http://Sonya%20Crump

    I currently have a group started if interested, let me know.

    1. http://ChrisppApples

      https://vimeo.com/432278294 please think twice. This scam wreaks havoc on people

  268. http://Cookie%20Lady%20Carriej

    Thanks for sharing BLESSINGS TOTALLY AWESOME

  269. http://Safety%20Lesheik

    THANKS Buget bill
    Let’s make it more simple!
    1) how many people do I have to get to join in order to get a payout $4000

    2) After receiving $4,000 knowing that I have to put back $500 from that 4000 gift to another correct!

    3) And the gift and giving continues with friends and family

    4) Choice words is people need to have a heart to give back and a heart to know how to save without overspending in other words make sure that the $500 is given back into the group!$$$

    1. http://Demetrice%20Pringle


    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Safety Lesheik 1) I believe 14 ppl. All other great points here. Thanks for the support! 👍🏽

  270. http://RESIDUAL%20INCOME

    I’m in the water at his current moment not sure how this is a scam my family is from the Virgin Islands we did partner hands all the time. If you need any information email me @ dwaineking2@gmail.com

  271. http://Trio%20Pharaoh

    Scared money don’t make no money

    1. http://frnkjones40

      People say that before leaving the casino………..broke

    2. http://Kristina%20M

      ContagiousK Services you might as well recruit all the way down to the people who pay you

    3. http://OG%20Message%20Show

      True facts that’s why I always get down with money teams. I follow your channel now so please follow my channel back and stay in touch

    4. http://ContagiousK%20Services

      yes 8 people when they come in as fire will pay one person 500 dollars a piece to who ever time thats in the water to get paid Its real

    5. http://Budget%20Bill

      BROOKLYNSTACE Hahahaha

  272. http://NTCC%20MIAMI

    This is not a SUSU, this is a pyramid scheme this absolutely unsustanible. A lot of people will lose money. For everyone person that gets paid 8 people lose. SUSU is a savings plan WITH PEOPLE YOU TRUST!!!!, which is good if you need a large amount of money for a large purchase. All you are really doing is saving your own money.

  273. http://Retha%20Simpson

    Do the two people you bring in with you, play together or do one play one week ,and the other play the next week?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Retha Simpson Group effort. All the kiddos play together

  274. http://Retha%20Simpson

    Do you ever get to a point where you stop adding people?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      collectively = no

    2. http://TheMackDown

      if u wanna join i can help u

  275. http://Retha%20Simpson

    Hi when playin SuSu, how many people start the game in the beginning?

    1. http://Budget%20Bill

      +Retha Simpson Considerinf this is nothing new, you probably will be joining in yourself. Versus starting it.

  276. http://M&M%20Motives

    This is MMM….recruitment is tough.

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      And scamming others with an ethically mind is also difficult

    2. http://DrTLGardner

      And linking with people that have an extra $500 is difficult, especially with Black folks.

  277. http://Deny%20Garcia

    I have a question.. hoe many ppl does it take for it to become a cycle ?

    1. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      Question does not compute… please rephrase?

  278. http://Myron%20Gary

    How is this not a Ponzi Scheme?

    1. http://Sydney%20Finau

      It’s 100% a ponzi scheme

  279. http://chuu%20g


  280. http://Gloria%20Patten

    Hey there could a flower stop with only the 15 people on it and continue to be between them only. And they control get paid every month between them fifteen people

    1. http://Nekia%20Ritchie

      Budget Bill yes sounds totally safer!

    2. http://Budget%20Bill

      sounds like something totally different

    3. http://Michael%20Hunter

      From what I have been told and seen yes. So if you join, you have your two people ready to go. The one that invited you moves up. When that person gets paid, the person reinvests and starts from the beginging using the money from the pay out. So yes you can keep it going with your community of 15,16 or whatever. Im joining my brother today.

  281. http://Andrew%20Munlin

    This is not a susu. A susu doesnt require you to recruit. This is a blessing loom, aka scam.

  282. http://Christine%20Arciola

    I need to know how and when it ends. Are you in this forever and ever??

    1. http://Quenetta%20Fenderson

      @Chris Williams

      I would like to know more about your susu model.

    2. http://Radda%20Shnitzel

      @Chris Williams Can’t even avoid making a typo on your own email account? Get some rest.

    3. http://Chris%20Williams

      Christine, our group asks everyone to commit for 12 weeks. You can opt-out after that time. But, why would you if you are receiving your gifts. We starting at $200 and I can show how our groups more with our model. You can contact me at bigceill47@hotmail.com